Monday, September 18, 2006

My aunt’s a perpetual dreamer

I hate girly stuff, I avoid pink like a plague and when I run out of deodorant I prefer use my brother’s on my mom’s. I don’t enjoy make up (except on marriages and special occasions, and someone has to do it for me). And I hate most men (well I don’t hate them all, some are really awesome but most are just… Nya’)

Everybody tries to “help” me in all this and at a certain time in life I felt as if I needed that “help”, well not anymore. But a few people are still trying to “help”, one of them is one of my Aunts, her son has a boutique and she keeps sending me funny looking cloth, she once sent me a black and yellow shirt… Yes it seemed as if someone had skinned a bee. On another occasion she sent me a pink Bermuda pants ( that was 5 years ago and it is still someone in the closet)… On Sunday she sent me green pants… not the dark green pants, the very light and almost yellow pants… GREEN!!

I don’t understand why does she do that she knows I won’t wear that, and my uncle warned her I wouldn’t like it… But NOOOOOOOOOOO she just had to send it, who knows maybe I wear it on some bal masque.

I also went to the shop today and she insisted I would take some of those "I'm so feminine" kind of parfum… But it's ok my mom will take it.

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