Monday, August 21, 2006

First of all I apologise for my weird post last week, it was inappropriate but I had my reasons. Anyway, I am not feeling much better even now. I had no spirit to write anything, but I liked Shlemazl’s tag and there fore enjoyed answering it.

I didn’t write anything about my week in the North (at the start of the war), in fact I get the feeling that my emotional situation is a little like the “pseudo-cease fire” in Lebanon. It’s not exactly a “war” and it’s not exactly a “cease fire”, part of us is waiting for an escalation and another part is hoping that the war will faint away and disappear somehow. But we are hoping.

I only had the spirit to write small posts, but you know, I am an over developed teenager with some sort of hormones problem. I did however managed to write about how Aoun's recent silence, about the division in my country and statistic interest in politics in Lebanon

I didn't write about myself and didn't post last week's post, I also didn't post the Lebanese parties' entry, it needs some fixing. By the way, my posting might become a little lighter in the next month, my second session exam starts on August the 31st and I am not even half ready, I am really not feeling good about this!


Jos said...

Just wanna wish you the best of luck for your exams!

shlemazl said...

Yes! Good luck for ALL your exams.

Not that you'll need it. A bright girl like you will swim through the exams as long as you read the material.

Pazuzu said...

thanks everyone