Monday, August 21, 2006

Michel Aoun’s mysterious silence:

Michel Aoun’s not talking as much as he used before. Even though he is still defending his memorandum with Hezbollah and defending Hezbollah itself, but not as furiously as before. A couple of months before, it was difficult to get all the Tayyar members of the screen, they were yelling and colouring all the stations with their famous orange. They used to mock the ‘ouwet (the LF) for being too silent, almost neutral and only attacking the Lebanese president. Now they are much more silent, they are only accepting invitations from NBN and New TV (they sympathise with Hezbollah). Michel Aoun did an interview on LBC, personally I wish he hadn’t! It was a terrible attempt to justify his stupid previous positions with new stupid arguments. Aoun did not criticise Hezbollah and the only solution he sees to any problem, going from the Israel v/s Hezbollah war, to the lack of tissue papers in public toilets, all these problems have only one solution: the government’s demission. Now he is almost silent.

He is either preparing something in secret (that certainly sound unlikely but it’s possible, I am looking forward to the day when Aoun would come up with an awesome surprise that saves Lebanon, but he’s too damn predictable). On the other hand he might simply be “seeing” the awful situation Hezbollah has put him in, maybe he is simply “noticing” what an unfaithful ally Hezbollah really is, how much they have taken from him, and how many of his followers he has wounded just to please a Hezbollah that has abused him to the limit.

But to be perfectly honest, I think that even this possibility is unlikely. Simply because of what Aoun has showed throughout his career, he has remained faithful to his “dictatorship” project, he has never admitted a mistake, he has not reconsidered any of his choice. He massed around him the most educated, and frankly, the most motivated of all the Lebanese population, they have given the Tayyar an amazing face of modernity when he was in France, the Tayyar is practically the only party to talk (at least there official goals) about including women more in politics and about civil marriage in Lebanon! This gave him a huge popularity between the young and liberated Lebanese youth, but then when he came back, he managed to mutilate each and every good point that his followers have worked hard to fortify. As a modest feminist I can say I don’t find any feminist in tomorrow’s politics via the Tayyar. Not just that!! He cooperated with Hezbollah?! The most radical of all radicals in Lebanon, thanks a lot I am feeling much better. But Mr. Aoun thought he could tame the beast and get the credit to be the first Maronite to control the Hezbollah, little did he know that this beast simply outsmarts him!

But you know, His Majesty Mr. Le General, is never wrong, GOD can make mistakes but not Aoun. He’s right, but the simple minds simply can’t capture the wisdom of his actions, he is from a far away superior place. So all us underlings trying to think we better stop, because we simply can’t understand him, we should just bow in total obedience.


Jos said...

Your post is great.

I have so much to say about this man called "Michel Aoun” that it may take me hours of typing. Anyway... this man, since the first second we saw him [maybe ur too young to remember,but I do remember this cursed moment very well,and the cursed two "most destructive years for Christians" years as a PM], is not but a *jocker*, used by Lebanon's ennemies to destroy every plan we ever made to make a better country.And, History will approve this, and we will remind each other.
Add to this, that his "I'm-the-god-the-master-who-is-
never-never-wrong-etc.-etc." is simply the "outer expression" of his
mental illness [yes he has mental troubles; we discussed his case once in class with our professor].

shlemazl said...

I can only assume that Aoun is unbelievably stupid or someone else's puppet. A real political leader cannot change camps like he has.

Of all Lebanese leaders Walid Jumblatt seems to be the bravest by far. I know he changed alliances in the past, but it was clear that he had Lebanese interests at heart at all times.

He seems to be genuinely interested in the future of Lebanon and is risking his life for that. Even more impressive as he knows for certain what the likely outcome of his position will be; we all remember what happened to his fater. Just hope they don't kill him too.

Pazuzu said...

lol Jos, I am trying to be very reasonable, but yes you're right the guy really seems ill. Whatever his case is, what I know is that he's dangerous for lebanon and should be removed

He's really stupid, in fact I don't think he sees himself as "changing" he believes to be the norm and everybody else is part of a conspiracy to turn against him.
As for Jumblat I wouldn't exactly say he is the most patriotic, he has been a politician for way too long and we all know he often changes his opinions