Monday, May 01, 2006

French absurdity:

French people have an absurde thing they call: ”homonyme”
It is used to indicate two words having the same pronunciation but have different meanings.

For example:

  • Saint (=Saint) and sein (=Breast).
    Who would want to take a Saint for a breast!

  • Bière (coffin) and Bierre (bier)
    I suppose French people are trying to dissuade youth from drinking alcohol from consuming alcohol by associating it with a death symbol!

  • Sang (Blood) and Sans (without)
    SO bloodless would be: Sans Sang…. What a cacophonie!

  • Cou (neck) and Coût (price)
    Hm Those french people are watching to many Mafia movies: Yo pay dis wid yo neck. Yo hear me stooped? Wid yo NECK!

  • Cour (a king’s court) and Court (short)
    You’ll have to excuse them, you see French kings were always physically “awkward” a bald wears a wig, and a short king shortens his court, so by natural selection, the whole French court ends up pretty short.

  • Curé (priest) and Curer (to heal)
    Now this is totally absurd!!!

  • égayer (to make gay, happy) and Aiguayer (to wash, or to give a bath)
    Aiguaye moi et égaye moi !

  • Fichu (fucked up) and Fichu (check the pic)
    Think of it this way: Put a guy with a woman, wearing a fichu, in a private place, leave them for 15 minutes, if she still has her Fichu then he is fichu.

  • Hème (the biomolecule in the heart of red cell of the blood) aime (love, as in I love you)
    I aime you, you are the hème of my life

  • Jars (a male goose) and Jarre (a jar)
    A human Jars should is like any other Jar, silent, motionless and should be put on a shelf for more security

  • Lest (heavy material put on the bottom of a ship) Leste (light, yeah like opposite to heavy!)
    Now who’s responsible for this absurdity?

  • Mari (husband) and marri (pissed off)
    Well afterall, husbands are always pissed off, or pissing off.

  • Moeurs (customs) and Meurt (dies)
    reminds me of something: Rules are made to be broken

  • Mais (but), Mai (5th month of the year), mets (Food), Mets (put), Mes (my in plural)
    Mix it all up and the result is: Mais! Mets mes mets here before Mai

    Nomad said...

    that makes it irreel :

    some of your french words are not in use here, for the others, well, french is a writing language, you know, since the classical times : erudit grammairiens decided what french language sould be ! ever since it is diffucult to learn it !

    jokerman said...

    Thanx for the interesting insight into the french lingo, english too has words with more than onw definition, causes alot of confusion i'm sure.

    Nomad said...

    I had to edit your page for recall,

    Now, the professor is giving a correction :

    "saint, sein, and isle of sein, a few miles from Brest

    Bouquer, doesnt exist in my "robert" dictionnary (the educated people dictionnary, ouarf !)

    bierre, is the death business ( not bière)

    commende, doesnt exist

    Cour, I remind whe had kings for 18 centuries and a few decades in 19e century (after Napoleon)

    they were not all awkward,

    anyway, the "jeu de mots" was pleasant

    aiguayer doesnt exist

    aigua was mostly a latin word
    used in western parts, no long used

    hème doent exist but

    héma, for hémoglobine

    pipie doesnt exist but

    pepier (le verbe)

    or pipit ( the t should be heard)

    so, ok for today

    at your service for next lesson !

    Herlock Sholmes said...

    Je gazouille le francais comme les oiseaux

    Pazuzu said...

    Ok I'll edit it Master Nomad

    Saint, sein, sein thing:
    I know there are lots of meanings I only was interested in the 2 I mentionned (notice how I bend reality to suit my liking!)

    But I'm warning I'm keeping the Aiguayer thing... And you can't force me to take it away.... *running under her momi's skirt for protection)

    And about all the Kings
    >they were not all awkward
    Come on! did you see there tan?!

    Hème thingy:
    won't remove it for 2 reasons... I loved + I studied it in my biochemistry course so it's valid :P

    DO I HAVE to take that away, I loved that so much? *sniff*

    Pazuzu said...

    Oh Jokerman, english's a pain in the ass when it comes to "talking"... Never has a language been spoken so randomly!!

    And let's not start talking about the arabic "twists" hehe

    Pazuzu said...

    Herlock sholmes:
    Je gazouille le français comme un poisson :D