Tuesday, May 02, 2006

College politics II

I kind of felt this was going to happen, I am sort of neutral, and I am especially not against anyone. But still when I became jean’s representative I was sort of considered LFer, same as he is considered as LFer.
This sucks big time.
Especially that the neutral group of my class, and we are not negligible, are actually scattered among groups. Just today I was shyly informed that Jean had an argument with the other neutrals’ group, because they didn’t let him know about there efforts for a unified list. Apparently he thinks they owed him! Anyway I was treated like an alien by an old friend of mine, she’s another neutral with whom Jean had that argument with.
I feel particularly silly because for the last week I insisted that I was a very enthusiastic supporter of the neutrals, how I wanted Charbel and Diana to become Delegues. I don’t know I thought that maybe if Jean wanted me to become his representative he should have warned me about his disputes with others. I don’t know I am planning to ask her about it tomorrow maybe.

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