Saturday, April 29, 2006

Politics in the UL FSS2

It’s election time in college, it’s hotter than a hot sauce in colleges in general and in the national college more particularly.

I was planning to make my personal vote secret, but my ex binome is one of the candidates and he asked me to be his representative inside, to count to votes and all. He’s supposedly neutral, there is a full LFPM list (the strongest political party on my campus) of three candidates, and a LF incomplete list composed with only 2 candidates, they left the last seat empty mainly because they are weak and also to support Jean’s candidacy (Jean being my binôme). In theory Jean is neutral, he’s a phalangist/LFer but his candidacy is neutral. But he is regarded by many as an LF candidate.

Personally I was going to vote for jean anyway, and also for the LF list. Not because I believe they are better, since the candidates in the LFPM list are also excellent. But the LFPM pissed me off in class, because you see, since last year, there were efforts to make some peace in our class, and to avoid the mess of the elections (it’s fucking bloody!) and this year there were a very colossal effort to make a convention with others, the LF candidates were willing not to name any candidates of there own if there were 2 neutral candidates and one LFPM (there were talks about naming 2 particular neutral people, both excellent for the position, I was doing everything I can to make sure they win. P.S.: Jean was not one of the 2 names) but the LFPM refused, they didn’t justify it, they just said that the elections aren’t such a bad idea, it’s normal, which is true but the point of avoiding the election was to avoid serving the interests of political parties and concentrating more on the interests of our class. Not only the LFPM refused these efforts but they also accused the 2 neutral candidates of attempting to insure there position in the elections, they also accused the efforts of being oriented to minimize the representation of the LFPM. They want to win with a full list!!!

My personal opinion is that the LFPM’s act was pretty childish and it came against the interest of our class, we are not TOO political if compared with others, we have a great ambience and all 6 candidates joke very normally. It’s the few fanatics that made the difference. And it was the interference of the central power in college. This really pissed me off!!

So much has happened in the last few days, I have to say, the LFPM is my biggest motive to hate being one of them.

N.B.: I was in a field trip in the Bekaa today I'll talk about that later I'm so tired.

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