Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We just believe…

We don’t know and we don’t claim that we do know. I don’t know if I ever gave the impression that I know how things will turn out in Lebanon if I take the decisions that I have taken and if others take the decision that they have taken. What I did, I did it because I believed this was the right thing to do, this was a step forward.
Did I know that people will die? I believe I did, because I repeated it for who ever was willing to listen, I told them that death is around the corner, and I believe they knew what I was talking about.
Do I believe that our struggle is worth the blood of our citizens? I am an adept of life, but I know that nothing will be given, all must be paid for.
Do I believe that’s it’s all right for people like Charles to die? No, but I am only given two choices:

  1. to accept and give in, thus accepting the death of all those who have died as a mistake made by our society against those who occupied us
  2. To refuse! And thus keep on resisting … but taking the chance of seeing more blood shed and horror

I refused and will there fore try to answer this call:


NOMAD said...

take care and go on

shlemazl said...

Bar Rafaeli does not agree.

Rebecca said...

well shlemazl, it is true that each person has the right to agree or disagree, and it is true that I understand her stand, I believe in living for your country too, but I am living in this country where "living" and "for your country" are not listed under the same option. So what I can choose is to live and sacrifice, leave and live, or live oblivious to my country's problems till these problems eventually affect my life... I could leave eventually but for as long as I am living here then I am totally committed to this country... And I enjoy my commitment to be honest. If she doesn't enjoy it then she has full rights to leave good for her, but let's face it... she's a pop artist, pop artists are not famous for either their loyalty to anyone else than themselves nor for any sort of bravery (and yes i know that that idiocy is a sort of bravery

shlemazl said...

Sure she is a "pop artist". Yet she's got brains.

There is only one way to answer her question: "Why is it good to die for one's country? Isn't it better to live in New York?"

F-k the Islamists. Even better: leave and let them f-k eash other.