Thursday, October 04, 2007

Orca's: Out of your posterior

This is very interesting, at first sight hilarious but actually very important to know. It’s a surgeon’s experience (his nickname is Orac) with “odd objects” that he extracted over the years from people’s rectum. I often heard that people would stick weird objects in their “posteriors” but don’t take my word for it… Read about his experience: Pulling it out of your posterior
What struck me as odd is that it’s usually men that he has operated, I am sure that there were women, but maybe women don’t need to stick things up their asses so often. After all, if it is for sexual pleasure we can always get a guy or a dildo, men wouldn’t. But what about the psychological disorders… we have lots of that too!


NOMAD said...

I had a friend who work as a nurse in hospital who also told me that kind of story

it seems that ass masturbation is frequent among the masculine genre :lol:

in earlier times when the "pleasures houses" were autorised, some small handed whores used to do "fist fucking"

apparently this is a great lack not to have them still opened

Pazuzu said...

And I always thought that fist-fucking was a new invention :P

NOMAD said...

eheh, no, old as the world is

tara said...

as usual nothing of interest, things being stuck up peoples ass are nothing new or shocking. you are so juvenile.