Thursday, July 12, 2007

Please everyone, welcome the super busy ultra successful Pazuzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I’m a bad bad blogger I know, but in the last couple of weeks I actually had a social life… do you people believe that?! I, Pazuzu, have a social life. I know you people are probably pissed off with my long absence but let me give you a quick view of the last few weeks and how I spent them. I am not sure if that will amuse you or make you hate me even more.

So on the 4th of July I had my biotechnology exam, the last of my exams and I did reasonably well. The same day I went out with some friends to Macdonald’s (yeah a bunch of adults enjoying our Macflurry) we stayed there from 7 till 10 or something.

The next day a friend of mine (A) invited me to go out with him and his boyfriend (C), being euphoric and super duper happy about my results I accepted and went out with them, it was very sweet and I had great fun, we had dinner at roadster and then ice cream and a couple of beers in a gay-friendly place. That was a Thursday, right?

Friday, I was supposed to go out with some friends but it didn’t work out, again (A) invited me to go out with him and his boyfriend, being thrilled about going out with this couple I accepted, but later on I was informed by (A) himself that he intended to break-up with (C)… All of a sudden I was no longer thrilled about it :-/… I really loved that couple they’re both awesome! Why did they have to break up, so I stayed at home that night (did I mention that I had left for my uncles’ place on Friday.

Saturday, I went out for a pseudo-pyjama night (we didn’t sleep there but we stayed up late and some of us slept there) with some girlfriends’. Again I had great fun.

Sunday, went out with (C) and (M) (she had organized the Saturday night out) and some other friends. We had lunch and laughed very hard.

Monday, I was too busy preparing for the defense of my thesis. I was scared and stressed and scared and worried and stressed and freaking out, but it went on great and I even scored 85/100! Do you believe that?! I, Pazuzu the #1 college failure, I scored 85 on my memoire! I was impressed! The highest grade I believe is 90, in the case of a memoire of course!

On the same day I met Jos at 2:30 am and we kept talking for 2 or 3 hours, then I left home, at 7 am (A) calls me inviting me to watch a movie and grab something to eat from crepaway in Ashrafieh (yes the very same place where an explosion took place a while back killing an elderly woman). I accepted and again it was very very nice, we watched shrek the third, it was very very funny. That night I slept in Beirut to avoid coming home at 12:30 am.

Wednesday, I came home, arrived home just in time to take G from his gym class and then I took him to macdonald’s for lunch, then when I came home I was TIIIIIIIRED. I’ve been suffering a headache and feeling so sleepy…. I wonder why?


Liev said...

Such a pleasure and shock to read that post. Social life AND academic success? What is the (Pazuzu) world coming to? ;-) Keep us up to date on academic progress, especially graduation.

Liev said...

p.s. Can you be sure A isn't broken up with his boyfriend because of a new interest? I think I would find Pazuzu very attractive if I was a gay man, (or even not ;-))

Pazuzu said...

LOOOL liev! he's 100% gay, no I didn't atract him in any way that I'm sure of and about the success... we'll I can't help but to believe it is ephemeral, I can't be that successful, it wouldn't make sense. I wouldn't recognise myself:P