Thursday, July 12, 2007

Make-up oh Make-up how I hate you to the bones

Now why do women consider that a stupid beauty expert knows better than her in the way to “choose” make-up? Why do women assume that it’s such a bad thing to screw up from time to time while choosing a color… Even worse why do they consider that they need to put make-up in the first place? If make-up was so essential then why don’t men put some?

Allow me to answer that: Men don’t put make-up for three main reasons:
  1. They have terrible rashes because of their shaved beards

  2. They don’t have to, since women don’t demand it

  3. They know it’s pointless

Oh for crying out loud! Why do we put make-up? Make-up is something you put once a month maximum, on a party, something fancy, I don’t know, how can women wake up everyday put that damn toxic waste all over their faces and then pretend they are doing a great job?

And where the fuck are the feminists?! Why are we so busy demanding a woman’s right to kill a fetus and no longer remember the essential part? Making the woman enjoy her beauty that she will preserve with or without a baby. I read and hear and watch movies about feminists attacking the stereotyped looks of a Barbie doll, attacking the excessive love of looks. What I see now is new bread of feminists that don’t defend the woman’s right to enjoy her looks (without social pressure to look perfectly like Britney Spears) but defend the woman’s right to abort a child to preserve her looks… She will no longer look like Britney Spears if she had extra pounds now would she?

Oh and as if that is not enough, they have now come up with a magnificent device that would actually decide of the color you’ll need to have the perfect shade of make-up… Let us all scream: FUUUUUUUCK. Oh but it’s hp…. Like WOOOOOOW!


programmer craig said...

Britney Spears isn't looking so great these days!

I sympathize with you, Pazuzu, but guys have their own issues to contend with! I recall when I was in the Marines how easy it was for us (Marines) to get a lot of attention from girls, and how pissed off a lot of the dorky guys got about that. You know, because Marines are a bunch of ignorant neanderthals and such. I've been out of the Marines a long time, though, and I spend a lot of time in the gym trying to stay in shape. I see a LOT of guys down there. I don't think it's so easy for most guys to maintain that manly look they all feel they should have. I know it's conventional wisdom that appearance isn't as important when it comes to males, but it isn't necessarily true! I don't see women throwing themselves at dorky guys with beer bellies very often. Do you? :)

And, also, how about those hair transplants? Rogaine? That can't be much fun :O

We all have a cross to bear!

NOMAD said...

why is make-up becoming an every day life worry for women ?

may-be because they feel better with some make-up.

Aren't they called "the beautiful sexe" ? Anyway the women appearence does matter to the "strong sexe" ; since ages, it was so and I expect that will last for long .

You could see in the earlier civilisations that the make-up did exist ; even men could make-up too, and still do in some African or Papouasian tribes. Jewelry has its importance for their global appearance too.

While some male animals change their skin color when it comes to the love season, or have bright colors to attract the females.

May-be it's because female mostly assume the "instinct de survie" that they put the males in challenges to choose the strongest, the most beautiful, according to their criterium... It was so in the earlier humanoïds times too.

As love affairs, flirts, marivaudages became part of the cultural behaviour, lupanars were created for men 's rewards (warriors rests) while respectable women were ment to stay home and breed their children.

But now, modernity allows women to have more free time to think about their self-care, and relations between genders have evolved in to a more equal level, so, why should the women not pay attention to their beautiness so that they also could enjoy love affairs, flirts and marivaudages ? or make children when they feel like it, even without marrying their partner.

Women can choose their partner now and put them in challenge with their appearence . It's why you see more men taking care of it.

about abortion, I don't think women would do it for their beautiness sake, but mostly because of economical, health, family problems, or abuses. In any case it is not an easy decision to make.

Pazuzu said...

That's my point exactly, this is ABSURD?! why should it matter, I know about aesthetic beauty and everything and beauty is a reward to the brain so on... But we should set the limit, women should be able to feel pretty while being natural and men should be able to feel pretty with some floppy muscles... It's not the way things usually are, but we can fight this, and in fact we can seek our "natural" side... I am sounding like a hippy, right?

The difference is that you are talking about the "right" to care for your beauty, I am talking about the obligation. Personally i believe in diversity, I believe that some enjoy putting make-up and looking pretty and stuff, but some like myself don't... I don't enjoy being called "ugly" because of it. I am just different and in my choice of women I do prefer unperfect, natural women...and men too :-)

NOMAD said...

Papazuzu, I ment that the make-up is not a new obligation, it was a cultural habit long tims ago too ; of course you have the right not to use make-up ; why would you be ugly without it ? some actresses and models here don't wear any make-up, and they are beautiful too ; depends on what you want to emphasize in your personnality

Bedouin said...

feminism's hijacked long time ago now:P. this 'generation' is a generations of reapers. they reap what other real activist sow long time ago, more of like.. leeches.. you know what I mean?

anyways, it's good to read your good news. and you look fine sans the make-up :P so don't make lots of fuss about it, leave the whining for the ugly ones please!:P

programmer craig said...


It's not the way things usually are, but we can fight this, and in fact we can seek our "natural" side... I am sounding like a hippy, right?

Maybe a little bit :P

My ex-wife is Chinese and she never wore make-up except for a little lipstick once in a while. She looked fine that way. In fact, I thought she looked more attractive without her face made up. She was lucky she never had to do much with her hair, either... it was think and strait and she woke up in the morning with her hair looking just as nice as it had before she went to sleep. I always envied her that, my hair looks like Bart Simpson in the AM :O

Well, bottom line, I think I prefer the "natural" look as long as it's not taken too far. I think when women look like a different person without make-up than they do with it, it's way too much. And kind of creepy, in a "is that clown face paint you have on!?" kind of way.

Liev said...

I agree with all posters I think. Makeup has been around a long time and there are parallels in the animal kingdom. It is related to sexual selection.

With sexual competition, the ultimate goal isn't as much to find a mate but to compete with others of your same gender. We see this in Craig's post and it is clear his efforts in the gym are more to set himself in a class above the "dorky guys with beer bellies" than to attract a mate (or obtain health).

Same with make-up. Woment may want to look pretty for men but it is more important to look prettier for other women. By eschewing make-up you might be setting yourself outside such competition. Perhaps you don't really mind that, Pazuzu.

My wife also is Chinese and she doesn't wear makeup and looks nice that way. But she will use some on special occasions. Partly this is just to mark the occasion as special. But surely also because she wants to FEEL special which is related in part to feeling herself to be the equal of any other woman in attractiveness.

My advice to Pazuzu is to feel no pressure. Wear makeup only when you really want to (which might be never). Thus you will attract the kind of female friends and men that you really prefer anyway.

Mabs said...

Makeup is already a part of our culture. Women cant live without reading women beauty tips . =)

Mabs said...

I agree with the last comment. We have to learn from women beauty tips before we apply.

~j0zy~ said...

I'm a teenager and I just saw this website about "Perfect Make Up Tips!" and I was reading it (just to see what it said) and reading it and I just got pushed over the edge. I just typed in "I HATE MAKE UP" into google search (google is rather relieving) and I found this. I just want someone else to agree with me. Everyone at school, everyone, i mean EVERYONE wears make up. I am like, the ONLY person except the extreme nerds.. even them! who doesn't wear make up! Its a WASTE OF MY TIME! Why should I have to cover my face and make my eyes "pop!" and make my lips look "delicious!"
ITS MY FACE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? I AM HUMAN! OMYGOD NO WAY, REALLY? Why do we even DO THIS? I hat emake up. I hate it. There is NO point except for GUYS. Why is it always about guys!?!? If I ever GET a boyfriend, I want it to be someone who likes for me, like personality first, not someone who wants to be with me because my eyes appears to be outlined in electric blue! It drives me positively insane. And there is SO much pressure to look perfect and be perfect. I feel like I'm alone, like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't give a shit about make up. At least you do too. That makes 2 of us.
Adolescence sucks.

Pazuzu said...

Oh wow jozy, I can't believe this blog post still shows up on google search even after so long.
I hate to break it to you, but this doesn't end with adolescence. I am not 24 and I am still screaming outrage when it comes to make up.
But then again I live in Lebanon, and if there is anything I have learned over the past 3 years it's that Lebanon is quite brainwashed. But so is california.
My advise to you, be patient, stick to your beliefs and be selective when it comes to your surrounding.