Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Something that keeps my heart warm sometimes

Mirna is a nice Syriac classmate of mine. Shy but very friendly; she gave me this at the beginning of this year. I wasn’t really close to her before, but then at the start of this year I helped her a lot with some references and stuff for her memoir and apparently that’s something rare so she kind of appreciated it and I like the way she expressed it.

It’s kind of odd how people take affection and human love for granted, isn’t it? Everyone always criticizes me for being too good and that I give a lot to my friends, that I risk too much… But come on people! A million ungrateful acquaintances can’t spoil the joy of one grateful friend.

Am I being too emotional these days?


shlemazl said...

Errrgh! This is tooooo nice. You need a nasty turn or a punch line to make this into a good story.

For example you could say "... and then we made out in the ladies."

ezou said...

damn you are naughty :P

Pazuzu said...

I can't shlemazl... she's syriac... they are more reserved than catholics, she even has this terribly long hair... it touches her ass, and she fixes them in such an innocent school-girl manor! she's too innocent for these things!

shlemazl said...

I see that the problem is with her religion. I know exactly what you mean.

Once a guy fell in love with me. He even wanted to marry me, but his parents wouldn't let him because I was Jewish.