Friday, April 06, 2007

Joan of Arc Relics Are Actually Egypt Mummy Remains

National Geographic

Wow I’m impressed, this is the first time discovering that a relic is proven even older than expected but is still considered to have lost its value. Apparently some chemist or pharmacist in the middle of the 19th century thought it’d be really cool to burn a little some mummy and pretend its Jeanne d’arc’s remains… I mean imagine their faces when they notice it’s fake! Hahahaha

Well not only no one noticed it’s fake but even the Church itself took believed it and declared it as genuine! My god, this dude must’ve laughed his ass out, not to mention that he made lots of money.

But if this proves anything it proves how valueless the mummies were at that time, in fact there were so many of them and no one knew what to do with them. In fact what mattered to the people was the gold, the yucky mummies were just there to annoy them and scare the ladies. But of course the mystical magic of death soon caught there attention and they started crushing the mummies to make some medicinal cures for incurable illnesses. The bandages were used as fuel for trains (well much more human than using prisoners as fuel right?).


Chris in MB said...

LOL,I'm not the least bit surprised!

Mummy remains are also often used to fabricate antiquity forgeries.

"...even the Church itself took believed it and declared it as genuine!
hehe, you should see some of the relics and "saints" that the church supports in Mexico.

...shhh! they don't really like to talk about such things :P

NOMAD said...

no problem with that,
at these times you could be easily become a saint with remains or without remains, no problem they create them :lol:

even more recent

Pazuzu said...

LoL chris, I heard about it... crying statues and stuff:P

Nomad... thanks for the link

Chris in MB said...

pazuzu, oh it's worse than that! Several saints were completely fabricated out of thin air by some missionaries. Later the church adopted them as fact as to not upset the locals and their customs.

Damn,I wish I could remember some examples :P

programmer craig said...

I'm SOOOO glad I am not Catholic. No offense intended to Catholics! But the Catholic church is just plain weird. It's fascination with Saintly remains just seems ghoulish. I saw an Easter special where they were describing how many Altars in Europe actually have the remains of Saints INSIDE THE ALTAR! How creepy is that?

On the same special, they were saying that the Shroud of Turin has not been proven a hoax. I thought it had been decades ago. It seems the sample used to prove it a hoax via carbon dating came from the trim and not from the shroud itself. I guess scientists are not always above reproach either :O

Something like the Shroud of Turin can never be proven to be genuine though. Even if it is 2000 years old, there's no way of knowing who if anybody) was wrapped in it.

Chris in MB said...

"many Altars in Europe actually have the remains of Saints INSIDE THE ALTAR!"

...but they still do that!
But they only use very small pieces now.
I'm serious, even here it's done!
They are alter relics!

Chris in MB said...

The church here has a bone fragment from some saint in it.

It's in a small metal tube, built into the base of the altar. Apparently it's registered or certified as saint material by some church authorities.

poet1 said...

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