Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So here’s another bus story…

On the very first day of my last official semester in college, I was coming back home by bus (duh!). When I got into the bus it was empty, so I expected the dude to wait a while to get some more people on, surprisingly he didn’t. Now in Lebanon this sector is not organized, so there are no rules to who must go and when and there fore the guy can go whenever he wants. Usually they prefer going whenever the bus is 50% full. Now the fact that this guy decided to go with only me in it can mean one out of 3 things:

  1. He’s in a hurry

  2. He’s so pissed off he just doesn’t care what happens and how much he’s going to make

  3. He’s trying to be alone with me

Though I am an extremely gorgeous lady that men stand in line just to see a glance of my hypnotizing skin (notice the sarcasm in my tone), I don’t think this guy wanted to hit on me, because on one hand he didn’t even look at me and on the other hand I was sitting right behind him there fore he couldn’t see or talk to me properly.

Now back to our story… I sat comfortably in my seat, a quick eye contact with the driver and I had decided that he was “ok”, normal, probably not a Homo jerkus. My I-pod’s battery are empty (yes my Christmas gift was an I-pod…. Merci wazwaz). So I just looked out of the window, that’s my only real joy in life anyway. Two other girls got into the bus. They later went down. That’s when we moved to the next step.

-You know… today has been totally useless…

He said out of nowhere, my only answer was a friendly smile, why not? He seems harmless and I have known many harmful guys in my life I now have a nose for these people.

- I have been working like a dog since 7 am with a bleeding heart… The stress is too much…

Again I just smiled.

- At 8 am, I thought I’d just stop this nonsense, go to the countryside and relax, but in the end I decided against it.

- Yalla… It’ll pass. It has to. Somehow it will

He just nodded in approval. Then the conversation went on and on about nothing. Apparently we were both tired and depressed, two lonely people in an empty bus. We complained about the economic situation in Lebanon, we complained about the Lebanese stupidity. As a conclusion he wished me luck in my life

-… To win the lottery maybe

- I don’t even participate in lotteries

- Haha. Well maybe, you’ll pick up a winning card on the floor… Who knows who knows…

We laughed. When I reached my destination, I reached out to my pocket to pay him, of course he tried to refuse but I insisted. And then I went down. He didn’t ask for my phone number, not even for my name… Really NOT a Homo jerkus. I turned back a few steps away to wave my hand with a friendly goodbye he nodded in a friendly way and that was it…

Why can’t people always be friendly and just act normal, is it that hard? Why should people like this guy be an exception?


Chris in MB said...

That's a nice story to hear. :)

"Why should people like this guy be an exception?"

Unfortunately this seems to be true. I'm a little of a pessimist myself. :P Many people are selfish, unpleasant, & pretentious, but it's always nice to hear about the exceptions!
BTW, take pride in not being part of that group yourself! :)

ezou said...

liar this is the fantasy of yours there r no kind ppl :P

Pazuzu said...


no comment


in my fantasies sex comes first... then anything else comes second

shlemazl said...

What do you mean by "and then I went down"?

More seriously... most people are like this most of the time if they are treated well.

Pazuzu said...

>What do you mean by "and then I went down"?
inno ... left the bus. What the hell are you on today shlemazl ?;)

>More seriously... most people are like this most of the time if they are treated well.

Well apparently most people in the world are not treated right

shlemazl said...

It's up to you how you treat them. A friendly smile when your eyes meet can make all the difference.

programmer craig said...

shlemazl, you're right. I'm always amazed how good it feels when somebody is nice to me for no apparent reason. It can make all the difference in the world. I think people who reach out to others that way must develop a pretty thick skin though, because it's gotta feel like a snub when it's met with a rude response.