Saturday, April 07, 2007

Playmate necrophilia

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Stratten was laying face down on the end of Snider's waterbed, the side of her face and one of her fingers blown off by a 12 gauge shotgun blast. Nearby was Snider, lying on top of the Mossberg shotgun he had used to kill Stratten before turning it on himself; his face between his eyes was gone and his left eyeball was dangling out of its socket. Both of them were nude and covered in ants; Stratten's body was determined to have been moved post-mortem, and further examination of the body turned up several bloody fingerprints, determined to be Snider's. On her posterior were two perfectly formed bloody handprints, also determined to be Snider's. Next to Stratten's corpse was a home-made sex apparatus that Snider had designed to support a woman in a frog-like position for the purpose of anal sex. Police determined that after Snider killed Stratten, he fastened her corpse to the apparatus with medical tape and sodomized her for the next half-hour before un-strapping her and then killing himself.

Not that I would defend this guy or giving him any excuses, there’s no excuse to return Dorothy to life or change what has been done.

But in the end I have read a lot about the traumatism and the great agony that rape victims suffer from, how they never really heal, how some would start sleeping with their shoes on, in case their rapist come back (in that case they’d be ready to run away), how they sleep with the lights on, how they never trust men ever again…

And how many times have we heard about guys raping women then killing them, imagine the horrible death! Nothing’s more precious to a woman than her intimacy and rape is not the most pleasant memory to leave this world with.

This guy raped her after her death, she felt none of it. She just died and everything ended there, she never knew what happened to her body after it, so maybe death is a bliss after all. And maybe that guy did something right in the end.

And think of what he did to himself, I wonder what he felt. He must’ve felt so terrible didn’t he?

Why can’t anything be perfect?


shlemazl said...

When I asked for a "nasty turn", I did NOT mean something like this.

programmer craig said...

I'm trying to figure out how to delete this post from my memory :O

ezou said...

why it's a nice story.... :P

Liev said...

I remember the Dorothy Stratten story from long ago. An important fact is that her killer was her soon-to-be ex-husband. She was a small town girl and he pushed her into nude modelling then became insanely jealous when he lost her to Hollywood fame, money, drugs and a big shot movie director. Naturally they made the story into a movie- called Star 80. I didn't know about the necrophilia part before.

And you are both attracted to this story and able to find a shred of human kindness in the sickening act? Works for me! Yes, I guess I will keep coming back to check this blog from time to time. Certain people do not grow on trees.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Claudia mama here, how are you Pazuzu, I miss you and our funny chats, hugs and kisses from me !