Thursday, March 01, 2007

My orange college:

My college, as I have mentioned before, is an FPM lair. And this is another fine example. What you see in the picture was taken from the largest library facing college (at least one of the biggest 2) and it's a group of pens, Reynolds' pens, and the dry ink pen of choice for Fanar students… Ma khas! It's made in France, Bic and Reynolds' are the best ;-)!
What struck me as funny when I saw this orange collection of pens, was not that it was orange (the FPM color) and not the fact that it wasn't here 2 weeks ago… What's funny is it's price: 500 L.L. (almost 60cents). Now Blue Reynolds' pens are half that price, but colored pens are at 750 L.L.

Oh My God! It's a conspiracy! They want to sell more orange pens to make college seem FPM! While in fact it is not! That's how FPM rules in here… they sell orange stuff at a cheaper price and then make it look like FPM is a majority so… fearing for their security the Non-FPM members vote for FPM because they think they are a minority!

Ok… Ok… no it's not a conspiracy. It's just that when you have so much people wanting this color, they can afford to buy it in huge stocks and sell them for little benefit…

It was funny, but it kind of makes me think of one aspect of our political problem, we fail to put politics in its right place and to give it nothing more than its rightful importance.


ezou said...

500LL is 33 cent not 60 cent stupid :P
great math background baby rofl.........

Chris in MB said...

"...they can afford to buy it in huge stocks and sell them for little benefit…"

No, I doubt that, not on this product. The library would be purchasing these from a distributor, not the manufacturer. Distributors usually don't pass along a significant amount of the manufacturer's quantity discounts, this is the bulk of their profit margin. Items like this direct from an international "name brand" manufacturer require a massive quantity for a price break. Much too large to be possible, even if every person in every college in Lebanon were to purchase one it wouldn't be enough.

If the product was from a smaller manufacturer or purchased as a one time bulk deal from China then perhaps your theory would be correct.

....also I don't recall seeing orange pens very often here. I don't think I could find one, even if I made the conscious effort.

Hehe, one of my suppliers is a school supply distributor. I'll have to ask! :P

DAMN YOU! I'm trying to get some work done here & you force me off on this weird tangent, making me leave insanely long comments! Now I must know! Hope you're happy!

...I'll get back to you with the numbers. :P

Pazuzu said...

ezou:yi eh! that's why I'm a biology student ... I guess

Chris: Do I really have to read that?

Chris in MB said...

yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm long winded sometimes..... you know that.

Just ignore me... it's the effects of massive amounts of caffeine.