Saturday, March 03, 2007

Governmental change in Italy

Even though I am on a tight schedule and I am going out tonight…. Eh eh I am trying to let the whole world know I am going out. I felt the urge to talk about this.

Do you people remember when Berlusconi lost the elections? I personally felt terribly relieved, the guy was ugly, smug, corrupt and terribly stupid (not to mention that he was an American puppet and I don’t mean it in any derogative manor)! At least that’s my personal opinion about him. I was kind of pleased to see Prodi take charge, of course you’re going to say: Yeah right! As if he’s the solution to all our pains! He’s a sissy he’s this, he’s that!

But you know what? I like people like Prodi, the guy’s something to interact with. And he’s a center left. I guess most were pleased to see his coalition refuse the American supremacy and I don’t know what, which is natural, but he was also a LEFT WING.

Left wing = no God created the world in 7 days
Left wing = no fanatic christianism
Left wing = no new crusades
Left wing = better rights for women
Left wing = better rights for Homosexuals

Unfortunately, in our less than perfect world, we pay more attention to fucking the US than we do to human rights for example. And Prodi is no exception, not that blame or hate the guy, no I do understand his position.

I mean he built a coalition on the following bases:
  • better rights for unmarried domestic partners (which includes gay people certainly)

  • A more strict and independent policy toward the US, in other words, withdrawal of the Italian troops from Afghanistan among other things.

What happened is that Prodi is not an airhead, he can’t possibly say: “um ok I promised my voters to withdraw, I will do so NOW”

That’s unheard off, that would be a coward stunt and a stab to Italy’s credibility in the future.

Unfortunately, Communist extremists didn’t see it that way…. Apparently they love to see extreme measures and to put things into chaos. So when Prodi presented his platform paper on the Senate, 2 communist PM voted against it (even though they are part of the coalition), thus jeopardising the governmental coalition and risking early elections. Early election that might benefit Berlusconi and bring him back to power. Here’s the big question: what were they thinking? Ok! So they don’t like Prodi’s attitude but is Berlusconi better? WTF were they thinking? Were they thinking at all? probably not… they are communists, perpetual dreamers.

Facing this dilemma, Prodi came up with the easiest way out was to sacrifice (it is still under discussion, hope he changes his mind) the Gay rights. A promise is a promise one might say, but unlike the Communist idiots, the other pro-homosexual rights are not stupid enough to risk blocking such a policy there fore risking the governmental coalition. They would prefer a lying Prodi on an honest Berlusconi…. Go figure.


shlemazl said...


Left wing = no clue about economics
Left wing = virulent anti-Americanism
Left wing = "anti-Globalization" (isolationism)
Left wing = trade unionism
Left wing = anti-Semitism
Left wing = Hezbollah
Left wing = 9/11 conspiracy theories
Left wing = North Korea + Cuba
Left wing = No to free trade

Not all left wingers are like that, but I covered 99% of them

shlemazl said...

Right wing = Freedom
Right wing = Maggie Thatcher
Right wing = Ronald Regan
Right wing = anti-communism
Right wing = libetarianism
Right wing = Sound economics
Right wing = Free trade
Right wing = RIGHT!

shlemazl said...

Prod is neither left nor right. He is just a bureaucrat who stands for nothing.

NOMAD said...

I am not so far pro lelt side, but as far as Italy is concerned, Prodi was the best choice, he represented the sensitive and humanist part of Italy ; his difficulties are inherent to a democraty and to the actual transformation of our old stereotype models of society

he was said to be a bureaucrat in EU instances ; though I would say who isn't there ?

ezou said...

WOW the classification of politicians in the left or right is global.
but I think change and rotation in every country is a welcomed approach, cuz when a country is governed by either left or right, without questioning that wing will transform into the state party.
So natural rotation and questioning of the politicians by the partizan's will keep them on the alert and keep their focus on the real essence, points, let each politician pose his points, and the ppl will decide either to support or deny, even if their points include Anti-US or anti-Globalization it's there choice.

Pazuzu said...

LoL Shlemazl, apparently we see left/right wings very differntly=> I will have to make a long and elaborate post about that one day. Till then I will just say I totally disagree with you.

"WOW the classification of politicians in the left or right is global."

Inno eh bas it's totally different from one place to the other.

shlemazl said...


Left and right might have a different meaning in Arab countries.

I am talking about the real world. I am generalizing of course and not leftwingers are like this, but near as damn it.

Chris in MB said...

lol, most of my family considers me an extreme right-winger!

It really does have much different meaning in different locations. Even between Canada & the US the difference is quite noticeable.

Chris in MB said...

btw, I think you would be surprised, even shocked by what some of the Canadian left-wingers agendas are.