Sunday, March 04, 2007

in 4 hours: exam
situation:studied only 5 chapters out of 12
emotion:guilt+remorse+terrible feeling of despair
thought:this is my favorite course and I sincerely wanted to study, why couldn't I?
reflexion:Do you people remember my situation last year? notice a pattern?

I'm sorry


shlemazl said...

Oh, Dear!

The pattern is that you don't care about your exams.

Good luck, anyway.

Chris in MB said...


Chris in MB said...

"I sincerely wanted to study, why couldn't I?"

It's a mental block/procrastination. I know them, very hard to overcome it sometimes. Don't beat yourself up over it.

I hope this doesn't mean you will become more scarce.

ezou said...

yeah we noticed the pattern, last year u were crying I won't make it i won't make it, and u squeezed yourself and managed to pass, I hope the pattern continues.
U know wat I always say, take ur time, u managed to pass those 4 years this year take ur time, MazMzeh!