Monday, February 26, 2007

A tiny tiny change in a tiny tiny life

Ok then, now that I was able to post that entry the serious blogging shall start. And speaking of changes here's something I wanted to inform you with a while back.

You know, when I was working last summer, not the 2006 summer, the 2005 summer; I was very proud of myself, I bought a Dell 3 in 1 printer/scanner/ photocopier. And that was great , but I also wanted to buy a pocket PC, back then I talked to my brother and he told me that he could find me a decent one for 350$, which was achievable considering my income, but back then I thought maybe I should preserve my money for my winter expenses. So I delayed it to the next summer. Next summer I was suffering from the numerous courses that I had failed and had to redo.

During winter, my brother got himself an I-mate JAMI admit… I was terribly jealous. An I-mate is far more expensive than the average pocket PC, and it's more wanted for its “cell phone” characteristics, which didn't really interest me. BUT it was better than what I had (because I had nothing).

Now a while back my brother got himself a new I-mate, JAMin… And he gave me his JAM!!

Well… yes it's official now I own a pocket PC… And I LOVE IT. My brother took the memory card for the JAMin, so I need to get a memory card for myself. But hey, that can wait I am very happy with my tiny little memory-cardless I-mate. Especially that it has a camera in it!

Now of course, when my friends see it some were happy, but the majority had something to criticize… DUH! Here's a small sample:
  • Oh why didn't you get a memory card? It's useless without one

  • You should get a cover for it!

  • Oh! It isn't also a phone? Oh! You don't have a line? Oh you don't want a line? What would you wanted for anyway then?

  • It's nice but why didn't you get a Pocket PC?

  • Yeah it's nice… But you could have had a better one, there are much prettier models that look more feminine

Jesus! People always have to criticize? Why can't they just say Mabrook and smile?! I didn't ask them about their opinion in the first place, I just showed them what my brother got me!


Chris in MB said...


Hey I'm the first comment on your resurrected blog! WOW, this means that I've also taken your... oh, never mind. :P

btw, don't worry about the memory card. I'm sure you'll be getting one soon. :)

As for the one's who criticize, one word, JEALOUSY!
Just take their picture in a compromising position & post them on your blog!
Passive aggressive revenge can be sweet :P

Chris in MB said...

btw, I notice that Sand Monkey gets 2 links in your side bar. :(

no fair! no fair!
I want 2 links also! :(

You know I'll be even happier if I get 3! :D

shlemazl said...


Mabrouk! It's a wonderful pocket PC you've got there :-)

You need a male to talk to if you don't want any snipe remarks. Young girls are terrible to each other, particularly the ones that are not very bright.

Do you have a thing about about defloration? It's like you come from the Middle East...

Oh well, perhaps I am just jealous.

Chris in MB said...

"Young girls are terrible to each other..."

yeah! That's true! It's called being "catty". Young women are the worse yet it seems to be an affliction that can affect any age!
(hehe, that link even has audio!)
lol, yeah Shlemazl I think you're jealous! It also helps I'm self employed with no life at a computer 16hrs a day and 2 hours ahead of you in time zone! I always get'em first! :P

Myself from the ME?! I doubt it! Perhaps I just possess that great sexual deviant gene that many have in the area! Come on, I know you've got it in you also! :D
Embrace it & enjoy it!!

Pazuzu said...

Well for starters there were two categories of criticism:

there were those who criticized it saying I should have got a phone line with it & change the cover (mainly from teh female species) and those criticized me for the memory card thingy (mainly male species).... THEY ALL CRITICIZE!

And shlemazl... about Chris defloration habit, it's has something to do with his alpha male complexe... you know... Men like to be first!

Chris in MB said...

"it's has something to do with his alpha male complex..."

Really? well then! This also explains my urge to pee on everything I own and sniff at womens crotches. :D

Jos said...

Did I criticize it when I saw it? I don't remember! :/..

Anyway, this habit is well-known in our society : everybody likes to criticize just for the sake of doing so.

Mabrouk :)

Pazuzu said...

No you piss on everything you own because you have someone to clean up behind you :P

Um, no i don't think so. But that's're special :D

Chris in MB said...

" have someone to clean up behind you"

no I don't... :(
my employees refuse to do this anymore unless I give them a very large raise in wages.