Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The start of this week was terrible and the reason:

my English course

You see, I wanted to attend this course, since I have nothing else to do during the day, right? But our teacher is terrible! She’s actually MEAN, hurtful, childish and takes pleasure in making sure the students are humiliated under the pretext of preserving the teacher’s respect

What a bitch. And you should see her discussion skills, she kind of uses it as a way to brag about her superiority. She had a fight a couple of weeks ago with Nancy… and then waited for her to leave class to start bashing her in front of us, calling her immature and stuff. Then this week, she had a fight with Mary over something, threw her out of the class, then bragged about how the college administration refused to allow Mary return before apologizing to the teacher (the teacher had demanded an apology)… again, she started bashing Mary in front of us. Then she fights with Nabil and Maya and Sami and…. Me! Yes you could say I had my first argument with a teacher in my whole life! But she didn’t throw us out of the class.

Then she opens discussions that she knows nothing about, she gives scientific articles that are either too old or inaccurate, when we argue about it, she kind of ignores it or makes our questions sound pretty silly.

But that’s not what bothered me the most. What bothered me the most were the discussions that took place, we once discussed the subject of women’s rights in society and how much rights are women really having. All the girls affirmed that a woman doesn’t have enough rights and that she should be allowed more freedom. The guys were all like “well, there shouldn’t be an inversion of roles” and “Ok, that’s your choice and your demands PERSONALLY, I don’t want to marry such a woman, I like to feel like I am the man in the relationship”. Which is pretty frustrating, because this is called closing a conversation on emotional basis! What can I answer that with? He didn’t say he’s right, he just said that he doesn’t care and knows what he wants!

Then on Wednesday the worst happened. A girl suggested that we would discuss adoption of children by homosexual couples. Ok that was cool, until the arguments started going wild talking about how “wrong” it is to be homosexual, how they are in fact “sick” and should be treated. Our beloved teacher actually admitted that there are people that have this biological problem and can’t feel attracted to the opposite sex. Cool, but then she said that it’s still wrong…. Here are some of the comments and point of views expressed:
  • First of all, homosexuality is wrong

  • These people need medical help, there are therapies

  • Some people have medical conditions, but most are just doing this because they think it’s cool

  • If they can’t possibly have attraction to the other sex, then that doesn’t mean that they should go sleep with people from the same sex…. They should just have no sex at all

  • I don’t believe in biological reasons, that can be solved … look at transsexuals

  • I had a friend that thought she was homosexual, she told me that in fact she was searching for a mother’s love

  • In my college (that’s the teacher talking), there were one lesbian that used to stalk my friend, my friend once yelled at her and the lesbian went to a teacher who actually blamed my friend

  • Notice the conspiracy theory!
  • Society shouldn’t accept homosexuals because that means that society’s encouraging, that’s our problem, we encourage this

  • In a conference I once attended the psychologist said that homosexuality is an illness

Naturally I couldn’t stay still, I tried to answer. But then they would go back to the same arguments. I did expect people to attack homosexuals but I didn’t expect EVERYBODY to do so. I didn’t expect that NO ONE would look at homosexuals as normal human beings. I didn’t get attacked myself for defending homosexuality but I felt devastated. You’d expect these college student, these self-proclaimed modern people, you’d expect them to be more tolerant.


Jos said...

I will never be surprised to see EVERYBODY attacking homosexuals here in Lebanon :) It's the usual common reaction. I had numerous debates with people I know, family members; to no veil. And, if you persist, they start accusing you of 'being one of them'! Now, I am surprised no one in your class accused you of this ;). Anyway, the real problem is the never ending lack of awareness on such subjects in our society [most of the comments are false prejudices, and reflect complete ignorance on the subject]. Those kids [+ your *smart* teacher] are just repeating what they heard their parents/surroundings/medias/religion saying; with the complete absence of the other points of view, or the correct and scientific answers to this subject, or other similar subjects as well. Lots and lots of work still need to be done. But, that's another story!

Jos said...

*to no veil = in vain

shlemazl said...

I think that there are two types of homosexuality:

1. People that are born homosexual and

2. People who go select to be homosexual for other reasons.

There are lots of examples of "other reasons". In Sparta and some other Greek states all men slept with each other because they could not have a family until they were in their 30s. It was normal practice, a bit like English public school. I heard that something similar is taking place in some Arab countries. Also, there appear to be lots of homosexuals in big cities like New York. I am sure it's not their water, but fashion that is to blame.

As long as homosexuals are not persecuted I couldn't care less one way or another. Still, I wouldn't want my kids to be homosexual. Based on the number of girlfriends they've had so far, I seem to be quite safe.

Einmal said...

> Still, I wouldn't want my kids to be homosexual

That's so interesting! why?!

shlemazl said...

Guess I am prejudiced