Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The weekend:

I have a rather large family, on my mother’s side I have more that 20 cousins, but I don’t get along with all of them that well. I have some 9 cousins my age, but I get along well with only two, one of them is actually in the same college as me, she’s a chemistry student.

Anyway, I don’t usually like going to my mother’s hometown, for many reasons. The first reason is out of habit, I lost the pleasure of visiting the town when I overcame my dark years. Then I was disturbed with everybody’s disrespect for my brother and their constant nosy questions and demands. Then I started to dislike religious environments.

In brief, I try to reduce my visit to that place.

But you know, it’s kind of interesting to go there, because people tend to socialize more in those regions that in Jounieh for example. If the town contains 40 people between 10 and 30 you’d find them (all of them!) on the streets every fucking day, even in a freezing weather such as last week. And what are they doing? Nothing. Just hanging around, everybody just goes to the street and walks around, some use cars lol. It’s something you are unlikely to find in the city where only certain social casts go down the streets to just hang around.

This weekend was exceptionally interesting. You see, I had some interesting discussions with my two favorite cousins… About sex, genitals and virginity obsession. Now on Friday talking was careful, we agreed on refusing the social pressure put on woman, we also expressed our resentment to the social discrimination where a guy is a hero for fucking and a woman’s a whore for the same reason. Micha (NOT the chemist) said at one moment:

Well, I wouldn’t encourage my daughter to have premarital sex, because it’s against religion and everything, but if she is convinced with it then I won’t stop her. If she believes it is right then she should do it!

At another moment Coco (the chemist) said:

Well, I don’t understand how can guys be so unfair as to demand women to be virgins or they won’t marry them. Even though I am a virgin I can’t love a guy that loves me because I am a virgin

This might be no surprise for some but in my society it’s something, especially those rural and reserved areas. I was so pleased to hear them say this. But I was also saddened. I have realized for the first time, how women in my society are willing to get liberated and how men are simply oblivious to the psychological value of this emancipation of women.

I fear my society might be heading in the future to a certain divorce between the two camps, as it is the case in Japan for example. We really don’t need that.

To understand this better maybe you should read the entry about the weekdays


shlemazl said...

Your guys are all babies. They never seem to grow up.

Einmal said...

well this is the shit that we have to deal with and eventually