Monday, October 09, 2006

A lifelong experience

From my legacy of 11 years in hard labor aka menstruation, I have collected a vaste collection of things to avoid while menstruating:

  1. Stress
  2. bumpy rides
  3. rough cloth
  4. standing for too long
  5. cold food or drink
  6. hot food and drink
  7. caffeine
  8. sitting for too long
  9. sour food and drink
  10. heavy weights on my belly
  11. laughing too hard
  12. thinking about sex

In other terms, on the first day everything's painful. But when was I ever famous for making the best decisions. On Friday I thought to myself, Why not go to my uncles' place with my little brother just to change his state of mind before school?

  1. the stress of planning the whole thing was annoying
  2. my brother likes to sit on the back seat of the bus
  3. most of my cloth are rough jeans
  4. waiting for a cab can take long
  5. after a long ride, what's better than a cold drink?
  6. &
  7. my bog brother wanted to make himself some Nescafe… why not?
  8. I'm not comfortable lying down when I'm not at home and alone
  9. I'm hungry what's for lunch? 3adas b7amod… Hint: 7amod means lemon in Arabic
  10. the little one is having difficulties sleeping… Somehow nothing helps him sleep better than his sister's stomach as a pillow
  11. well at least I managed to avoid this
  12. you don't really believe I would avoid this? I wouldn't even want to try.


shlemazl said...

3adas b7amod... Let me guess. Lentil soup with lemon?

I know girls have menstruation once a month, but guys have to shave EVERY DAY! Can you imagine how we suffer?

Chris in MB said...

I think I know what that is!
Even made it once, here

shlemazl, you should just do what I do, go for the rustic & manly look & only shave every 3rd day.

Jos said...

Shaving is really nothing compared to what we go through every month: from PMS [Pre-menstrual Syndrome], to menstrual 2/3 days pain [it depends; sometimes I can't get out of bed], and - of course - trying to avoid all Pazuzu's list items [except maybe thinking about sex! :))].So, it sucks, take my word for it.

Einmal said...

well, who said that we don't shave anyway?!

So shlemazl knows some arabic huh? Oh the Lobby's spying us!

You cooked some mloukhieh?! that's pretty cool, I like that one, but it's also too sour, in my family we reduce the amount of sour additions. But 3adas b7amod's different, in my family we cook it with minimum lemon, but when I eat outside it's too sour for me, but I was starving!

What can I say, only you can see the pain ...