Monday, October 09, 2006

Ok people, sorry for the lack of organisation, I am posting on the hurry my brother's waiting for me all alone in the house (mom's at work) just wanted to let you all know:

I succeeded in 5 out of 7 exams....
in other terms I made it made it made it!!!
I'm a 4th year bio student

But I am facing the up and down mood problem these last few days But I'll be fine


shlemazl said...


"But I am facing the up and down mood problem".

I know just how you feel. These ups and downs always come at the worst possible moment, don't they?

Nomad said...


francois said...

well good luck for the remaining exams

always looking forward ;) what is passed is now over

Leilouta said...

Mabrouk wiriririririri :)

Jos said...

I already congratulate you..hehe..;)
But, I'll do it again here : congratssss!

Einmal said...

Thanks all, merci merci merci :D

Shlemazl: yes definitly