Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bad day

My day just started off bad and only went badder! Here’s a summary:

  1. Yesterday I was sleepless, at 2 am my eyes were wide open (OIO).

  2. Found a dead rat/mouse in the elevator

  3. Arrived at college, I had an exam, nothing alarming, English. No one seemed
    concerned with the English test, they were all discussing the botany exam (the 2nd exam we’ll have the day after tomorrow). I found that funny. At a certain moment I have the silly idea of asking a friend of mine: “we have English today, right?”
    She gave me the weirdest look … I’ll spare you the péripétie … In brief, we had the English exam on Monday! I didn’t even know…

  4. I wanted to study, but what can I study, this is the toughest exam, and I was relying on these couple of days to do “something”… I didn’t study anything. I went into the exam, did 15% of the whole sheet. Went out, it took only 10 minutes.

  5. there were no cabs, had to walk for 250m! My feet were so numb and my heart was so heavy, it really wasn’t a pleasure to walk.

  6. Had to wait for 15 fucking minutes for a bus

  7. 10 minutes before arriving to my home, I noticed that it was only 8:45 am, I can’t possibly go home at that time, the exam’s duration’s 3hours. My mom will definitely nag me about coming home, and then I’d have to tell her everything. I don’t want to!

  8. I don’t step down from the bus in the usual place, I went a few more Kilometers, it wasn’t enough space to take another bus back home, that would only take a few minutes, so I walk back home

  9. I arrive home at 10:40 am, my mom calls me: Becca?! Shu? Why are you so early?
    Wallaw ya mama? The exam starts at 7:30 (Pinochiometer: Danger)
    Did you do well?
    How bad was it?
    Come on mom, I don’t need this. I hate these questions, I don’t know, I have no Idea (Pinochio-meter: SOS, massive lying!!! I only solved 15% of the whole thing)

  10. No electricity→ no TV & no internet

  11. My Uterus’ yelling at me… NO SHIT!!! Like NOW? I really don’t need this. I take a panadol and cross my fingers

  12. Maybe I can sleep?....No

  13. SO, my last resort, auto increase of serotonin and dopamine levels…ahem…you don’t need to hear about that…

I won’t talk to you about my emotional despair, it’s just beyond description. But I’m feeling better; I can still fix this, with some lying and reality twisting, and a lot of luck. I just have one question for all of you adults:
How the hell did you survive? How did you get over college and all and found your place in this world?

P.S.: I will soon go back to the posting frequency predicted a few weeks ago, in other terms, once a week, hope I don’t go nuts.


shlemazl said...

Oh, well... That kind of thing never happened to me when I was young, like you. I was always very responsible. I only ever had A+s. My worst ever mark was an A- When that happened I was distraught.

(Just kidding. Won't be long before you will be laughing and thinking: those were the happy days!)

Pazuzu said...

that's the cool thing about it shlemazl, we don't have As and Bs and Cs and I don't know what. we score in % my average is 51% hehe