Sunday, October 01, 2006

It gets no worse than this…

Before the start of the Blessed war which lead to the Divine Victory of the Forces of His Majesty Nasrallah against the evil sounds in the back of his heads, I had borrowed books from the CCF. I was supposed to return them on July the 23rd but war prevented that.

When the war was over I kind of neglected it especially that the CCF has a summer break from mid august till mid September, mid September coincides with the start of my exams, before last Friday I was studying like a mule so I didn't have an hour to spare and go to the CCF.

Last Friday, I wasted my time with mary and Alice and the rest of the gang thus arriving late, the mediatheque was closed.

No problem, Monday… No I am not sure if the CCF opens on Monday

No problem, Tuesday… No on Tuesday my exams end at 2pm I won't be there on time

No problem, Wednesday… No my mom needs me to baby-sit my brother, she needs to go school humiliate herself to convince our beloved Catholic school to let him in this year in spite of the money we owe them

No problem, Friday… Good

So I woke up on Friday, took the books (in a black bag) and headed to college. My books were in my usual bag (that's where I keep my moving museum!). I get into the bus. Put my bag on my lap and the CCF bag next to my feet. Coming down of the bus, heading for the cab. Riding into the cab… Riding down of the cab… Wait let me check, one bag two bag… One bag, two bag… No something's wrong… There's only one bag, I forgot the CCF bag in the Bus

I don't even want to talk about how I felt, I wished to die, and I don't mean it in any exaggerated form


shlemazl said...

As an optimist, I can assure you that it can get much worse than this :-)

Jos said...

This is awful. I know how it feels. What did you tell the CCF?

Pazuzu said...

I am a pessimist... it gets no worse :(

I havent said anything yet