Monday, September 11, 2006

The sweetest bus neighbor:

My mom became particularly agitated on Thursday, just before I walked out of the house to go to Hamra, she had another of those Why Hamra crisis!

Anyway, the bus drive was cool, especially the second one (well you have probably noticed by now how much I LOVE bus drives… Well I love any sort of ride). I found only one free place in the whole bus, but my neighbor was so sweet. Everything about him inspires sweetness. He was rather small, but so CUTE! He was also good for directions, but that comes later.

The coolest thing about him was that I could simply stare at him without getting any retaliation. In fact I kept staring all through the road. His hair was so short, his eyes were beautiful (prettier than any girl’s eyes). His brown hair, eyes, the perfection of his face’s lines… My God! He was so edible! If I weren’t myself I would have kidnapped him.

He was fully equipped with his Arsenal of technological things, including a cute tiny cell phone that he used to listen to the radio. Meanwhile I was just staring at him, ok I admit it was rude, I was taking advantage of his politeness, but I don’t know he was so charming. He didn’t seem to even notice.

At a certain moment, I felt lost so I panicked and asked him where we were. I wasn’t lost and he was so nice guiding me, he even told me how to know when I would arrive to Hamra. His eyes were so… so… never mind! Because in no time he reached his destination and left * sniff *. Oh ok! I admit I wouldn’t have liked him as much I do now if he would have tried to hit on me before leaving the bus or anything.

He was so perfect.

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