Monday, September 11, 2006

Interesting bus driver:

On Tuesday I went to college to check the exact dates of my exams. On the way home I got into the bus (as I always do).

As soon as I made my first step into the bus, the face of the driver captivated my attention. He seemed so familiar. At first sight he looked so much like Claude… Oh you don’t know who’s Claude?! Well he was the closest thing I ever got to being in love… Or maybe he was my only chance to love. Anyway, that’s not the point; the point is that he looked so much like him, especially when you look at his thick eyebrows, the big nose and the overall oblong form of his head (yes I know he wasn’t pretty but I he didn’t need it). The charm of the moment was so sweet, it’s been 4 years since he rejected me, in fact there were never any real relationship between us, we never even sat on private. But there is one way to win this girl’s heart and he knew it. And now 4 years later, his memory is still so vivid. I even remember his smell.

I looked again at the Driver and the magic was gone, the difference was obvious. The driver had dark green eyes. But the resemblance was still obvious too. The Driver noticed my attention to him, he looked back at me in such a weird way.

I spent the whole ride secretly looking at him. It wasn’t just the physical resemblance, it was everything about him, his attitude, the look in his eyes. After observing the whole bus very carefully and here’s the report:
  • He’s Christian, a Maronite Christian more precisely

  • He’s an LF member

  • He’s from the North (Batroun more precisely)

  • He’s a good man

The same goes for Claude. That’s probably why I felt this resemblance.

The most important thing about this incident, was that it showed me just how unchanged my feelings have been through the years. I don’t know if I should feel good or bad about that. If I would meet Claude again I wouldn’t want to have any relationship with him what so ever. I am different and so he is he, we simply diverted, I still admire him so much, if anyone asks me about him I would have only one word to describe him: He’s a gentleman. Nothing will change that. But I am no longer a Lady in that sense and I don’t even miss those days, I love being what I am now and I love the change that I have witnessed in these last few years, I still love the memory of the first man who saw the Lady in me but… But he wouldn’t love me if he knew me now.

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