Monday, July 10, 2006

Franjiyeh's master piece:

I suppose Slaimen Franjiyeh has been reading a lot about Lenin and Hitler, with only a slight difference, those two had enough power to put there words into actions. In his last epic adventure he was attacking and shouting like a spoiled brat. Now I won't go into analysing his words or explaining all the points, but I feel forced to talk about one thing he said.

In the course of his speech he called Saad eddine el-Hariri a Ghulam غلام. Ghulam in general means the young person, in the past it meant the young slave. The funny part is that 5 years ago, our Arab literrature teacher was talking to us (well actually you could say he was explaining it only to me since I was the only one who wasn't snoring, I secretly loved his course) about the Abbasside era.

This era was most famous for the political stability, expansion continued, money overwhelmed the central power, history was rewritten (that's why they are seen as the golden age of Islam) and the Coran as we know it was written.

Money, Stability and Greek influence resulted in a lot of sexual liberation among others. And new phenomena made surface, the Ghulam phenomena, a sort of male concubine. Such practice is very unusual for us today but it wasn't that weird in the past, it was very encouraged in the Greek culture and very tolerated in the Roman one and it can be traced in all societies, a sort of dominance by sex. Anyway the point is that Franjiyeh actually called Saad a Gholam!

Now considering the fact that this part of his speech didn't get much outrage, I am tempted to believe that he meant it in the sense of a simple slave or kid. But in fact in our Lebanese Dialect we almost never use this expression, we use walad or maybe some other expression but not Ghulam. In addition, this word came in the midst of Franjiyeh's assault on Saad's family history, he was saying things like "no one knows where he came from, we know who we are and our history..." Personally I am inclined to put his words in the less innocent section.

This, ladies and gentlemen, shows how low and broke the self proclaimed Syrian Allies really are.

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