Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This is both absurd and unacceptable! There must be something that can be done! It's crazy, what is this?

I mean, think about it for a moment, isn't it obvious that Hezbollah is seeking reasons to provoke trouble, burn churches and harass Christian streets?

Isn't it obvious that Hezbollah is simply looking for a reason to attack Christians?

Don't get me wrong I am not calling Maronites for war, and I am not saying that there are actual threats of a civil war or something. But this is NOT fucking acceptable!

I am living in jounieh, our beloved home, had the biggest portion of explosions. And I can assure you, no one's considering colliding with those barbaric Hezbollahers. We have much more in our lives than to come down the streets for something as meaningless. Yes we are scared of what they are capable of, because they are brainless. And that's the funny dilemma, we know that Hezbolah doesn't represent ALL Shia, not even when allied to Amal, we are fully aware that there are more Hezbollah/amal haters than there are Bush haters in the US, and these non-Hezbollaher Shia know that we can't really do anything about those terrorists tyranny unless the opposition make a move. But they won't do anything. If you look at it from the outside, you can almost swear that Hezbollah and amal monopolize the Shiite opinion!

And this week people are talking about the Shiite outrage against the LBC's TV show. Well that's unjustified. For Christ sake, what's next? riots in West Beirut over a kids' fight in which one kid tells the other that Jesus is stronger than Mohammed?

Please Mr. Nasrallah, act like a grown up (PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE)! It was a comic episode and it did NOT attack your religious status, it simply criticised your pathetic political choices (who doesn't?).

Now, it seems as if people are starting to reconsider the right of Charbel Khalil (the author of the that controversial episode on LBC) of joking about these things... Let's remember a few facts people:

  • When the elections were at there best, Khalil depicted Saint Maroun (you know... Maroun is the Saint the father of the Maronite church, that's where the word Maronite came from). And when he did so, no one said a word, Christians didn't find that offending.

  • When, in 2000, the Maronite Cardinal questioned the use of the Syrian army in Lebanon since the Israelis had retreated (yes it would have been suicidal to demand a withdrawal back then). When that happened, the Cardinal was called a Traitor, a Zionist, an Israeli spy... No one torched any mosques because of that.

Why didn't we do anything about all this? Because we are talking apes, you know? I mean there is the biped apes, the naked apes, the knowledgeable apes... All these terms are supposed to refer to the same species: Homo sapiens. But with some subdivisions of humans certain aspect of humanization takes more emphasis than others.

As Lebanese we tend to believe that we MUST talk, we can go to riots too, and sure we can! but then, we are trying to build something in here. And we are not the only ones; almost all Lebanese want to make this hellhole a home. The only ones that disagree are Nasrallah and his sheep, so people, the choices are simple, live with us, or admit it publicly that you have no intention in Lebanon's interests


jokerman said...

I dont know what interests do Hezbollah defend, but i can guess its not Lebanon's interest.
Do they want to take over the government or what exactly?? If their militias are there to protect Lebanon, why not integrate into the army? why can't nassrallah become a politician? they cannot remain militant forever! Unfortunately, i don't know much about the conflict in lebanon, i tried 3 times before to read a book by Jonathan Randall called the 1000 year war but couldnt pass the first 100 pages because it got so confusing, too many names & groups, too many agendas...confusing very much.

Chris in MB said...

I feel like jokerman a little.

I've tried to figure out what's happening in Lebanon but it's so bloody confusing! Yes too many groups & agendas. I give up!

Don't any of these groups ever get tired of it all and just say to hell with it?

I'm glad to live in a politically boring country. We just like to bitch about high taxes here.

Pazuzu said...

LoL well, think of it as a duality need, take every sect in Lebanon and consider that there are 2 dominant parties (usually) and there fore it becomes a far simpler power struggle :P