Monday, June 05, 2006

Shou houwé a7san?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today's Lebanese Language Lesson will talk about shou houwé a7san, this very typical Lebanese sentence that emphasizes on the particular sense of skeptical and xenophobic sense of comparison that the Lebanese population usually suffers from.

The sentence means Is he better in a situation where the answer can only be: "NO!!"

This is pretty funny, my mom goes to church almost daily, and considering her tight daily schedule, she often finds her self going to any church available at her free time. One particular priest is very Funny, no not in the "haha, good joke, you're funny" sense of funny, but rather a "Oh My God! Please say you're joking!!" sense.

Anyway, one day this guy was preeching, and as any religious idiot he felt compelled to talk about nudity in church. You see, depsite the fact that christians brag about being the civilised species of Lebanese, they are often just as fanatic as anyone else, and if you go to church you are most probably going to hear some preeching about women are increasingly disrespecting the wholy ceremony and the body of the christ present among us. I won't argue about that right now, that's not the subject.

Here's the subject:

He's talking about nudity, about how women should wear better stuff than that. And all of a sudden he gets carried away.

"When reporters go to Bkerkeh (that's wear the Maronite Cardinal resides), you see them wearing anything! And sometimes they wear outrageous customs (you know, all those sexy arms and necks!!). But when they go to interview Nasrallah (we are, of course, talking about the Hezbollah dude), they never dare to wear any sort of cloth, they even have to cover there heads with a scarf! ) which is true with many religious leaders interviewed, but not nasrallah).

I ask you WHY? Why do you respect Nasrallah all that much and not Sfeir (the Maronite Cardinal). Shou Houwé a7san?! What makes him better? Christians in Lebanon are losing there values! We are not worthy of being called Christians! We give more respect to Muslim leaders than to Christian ones.

No! The Cardinal Must impose reporters to wear a scarf, and respect the wholy place they are visiting and its importance. And from my side I accept no woman to come to me and ask for the holy body of the Christ if she is wearing something indecent!"

I wonder what makes us Christians so proud to be open minded, maybe we should start feeling proud to be less close minded than average.


shlemazl said...

One has to wonder about people who go on about a bit of exposed skin or "what they are showing on TV". Like there is nothing else to worry about.

Have a look at this.

I am guessing that when these guys see a girl they wet their pants and it makes them extremely uncomfortable. You gotta feel for them.

Pazuzu said...

LOL, I suppose they are just trying to pretend that they seriously don't NEED to see any skin, that they think of it so rarely that they are shocked when they just HAVE to see it, shame on us girls for being what some freaks want