Monday, June 05, 2006

Had to come back and post this:

I might have acted a little weird or excessively agressive through my blogs or my comments, if anyone was offended I apologise I am not sleeping well, no excuses just letting everybody know. I'll avoid commenting for a while

By the way I am facing alot of trouble with blogger right now, I had to reset my template 7 times already, I will fix the sidebar when I get the chance.


jokerman said...

I didnt notice anything weird!

Leilouta said...

me neither dear :)

shlemazl said...

Good luck for tomorrow

Pazuzu said...

Jokerman and Leilouta, well I suppose no one noticed but I kind of crossed my limits on one or two blogs, not yours anyway. thanks for leaving a note letting me know.

Shlemazl, thanks, it's weird how your good luck wishes always work out... Your lobby's scary!