Sunday, June 04, 2006

Science et vie

2 points caught my attention while checking this month's number:
  1. The magazine has won a prize for being the best magazine of year 2006 under the category: Culture and discovery
    I can't argue, it's one of the best scientific magazines for the public.
  2. The Hors-Série concerning Da vinci's code has already been in the market from the 12th of May, however I can't find it on the Lebanese market! No I wasn't surprised when the Da Vinci's Code banned from entering Lebanon, that was predictable. but this document (Science et vie Hors série I mean) is not defending the Da vinci code, in fact it's reminder that the book relied mainly (if not strictly) on fiction. That all it said, despite it's apparent objectiveness, has no historical founding. So why was it banned from entering Lebanon?

    • When The National Geographic issued its May Number about Juda's Gospel, it was distributed without any difficulties in the Lebanese market... I suppose they considered that the National geographic's not as widespread as Science et vie.
    • When Science et vie talked about the holy coffin being a total SCAM in July (#1054). The issue was not censored.
      But I suppose that the censorship authorities in Lebanon didn't dare to banthe famous science et vie for merely a 16 pages document (it wasn't even à la une).
    • When Science et vie talked, in August (#1055), about how believing in God is maybe related to the human biological nature, regardless of whether God existed or not; No one said anything.
      But I suppose that there religious ego was appeased by the title of that issue:
      Pourquoi Dieu ne disparaitra jamais (Why God will never disapear).
    • And finally, when, last month (#1064), Science et Vie talked about the recent wave extravagant fictions regarding Jesus Christ (Descendance, cloning, secret life). This number circulated freely.

    One thing I NEED to say: WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Why was this Hors Série so mysteriously never distributed?

    Why is a scientific analysis so threatenning?

    Why is no one finding this odd but me?

    Never has anything from a scientific perspective, made me question God. I question God a few years back, and it was because of the picture that the church gave me of God in the first place, I questionned God when I realised that no angel will come down from the sky to safe a child from being raped. Whether Jesus was married or not is meaningless, the credibility of the holy coffin was meaningless.

    Yes, they said that God works in Mysterious ways. And yes I don't think I will ever know how God thinks and his plans. But then again, they don't know that either, what gives them the right to about the subject of there ignorance?

    What gives them the right to decide I can or cannot read?


Faisal said...

It is in my personal opinion that the fact that you say what you say makes you a great person. Nothing should ever be above freedom of speech and the right of people to choose what to read or not to read.

No one should ever be given the right to make arbitrary decisions on your behalf.

Sadly though, this happens everywhere. I fear I have nothing else to say other than you should try your damnest to get your hands on what you want to see, read or hear no matter what anyone says.

Good Luck to ya.

shlemazl said...

I just tend to blank out the issues I can do absolutely nothing about...

As you say, just leg it from that place. Their loss; our gain :-)

I might have figured out what you mean by the title of your blog. It's very true.

Herlock Sholmes said...

Science et Vie is in French and censors can read it. National Geographic is in English and nobody has a clue what it says

Nomad said...

let me know if you desire that I find out if I can get the n° for you, and for your exams "merde" !(don't say thank you)

Pazuzu said...

Yes that is exactly what i mean.

Leg it? that means leave ? lol
and it's not just the title of my blog, it's my philosophy in life, I have it written almost everywhere hehe

LoL yes probably. eventhough censorship assholes are usually people who know alot and understand nothing

Merci (for the offer not the "merde" :P). There is still hope, I am heading for the Antoine Library (biggest one in Lebanon) and I'll check the main branch of the CCF in Beirut next month, it's not just about reading the thing, I just can't stand being forbidden to read it!

shlemazl said...

"Leg it" is a colloquial British expression for "run away". I spent 10 years in the UK. Example: "Leg it! Here comes the cop!”.

BTW, is Pazuzu that Shumer monster with a small bit from a snake?

Jos said...

They also missed the May/June issue of "Le monde des religions", which has on its cover "De Chrétien de Troyes au Da Vinci Code, la quête du Graal". I just bought it. So, the question mark about the Hors-Série de S&V remains.

Pazuzu said...

How dare you call my Pazuzu a monster!!!! I am offended, it's a Demon not a monster, mosters are stupid. And yes it has a serpentine penis :D... But I kind of imagine pazuzu as very cute, despite all the other signs :D


I bought le monde des religions too, I didn't know it faced any trouble. Besides it kind of take a catholic point of view, so I didn't think it might face any trouble.

Btw I asked the salesman again he said the science et vie will certainly appear, but I don't know, it's almost a month since it was published.

shlemazl said...

I see: he is a cute demon. Guess we are related.