Sunday, June 04, 2006

The counterstrike!

I knew they won't let it happen so easily. Apparently some people are trying to put some pressure on the government to cancel Helem's permit (helem being the lebanese association for the protection of homosexuals, bisexuals and transexuals in Lebanon). There is a link to it, but t's in arabic. The main point is that they are asking the government to cancel helem's permit simply because it offends the Lebanese society's values.

Personally, I am finding it harder and harder to understand this self declared utopian society that I live in. In theory we are a society of values, we have nothing else than our values. When I think to myself I can't help but to whisper:

I hate this lying society! It's a lying society, we neither have values or anything else. I wish I was born somewhere else.

I do love my home, but I believe my home doesn't love me. I mean what kind of society of values tolerate babies being beaten to death and doesn't tolerate homosexuals?


shlemazl said...

As you probably know, Canada is very welcoming to immigrants. There are lots of Maronites around here. It is probably easier to get residency if you graduate first, but if you are interested, I can provide you with information.

Pazuzu said...

Thanks I was considering that, the candaian embassy is on my way to college lol. But I'll certainly need to graduate+work+get alot of money before I can consider that :D

shlemazl said...

Immigrants do get a remarkable amount of financial assistance once they are in Canada. I think the requirement is for a person to have around 30K before they immigrate.

Have a look here:

You can check out how many points you still need to qualify. With English and French you should do quite well.

There are easier ways to get residency (e.g. via provincial schemes). Quebec will take you as long as you can

a) move and
b) speak French


Pazuzu said...

Thanks shlemazl that was very helpful, eventhough I faced some trouble with one page anyway, it was really helpful. I should check the embassy for more accurate info

shlemazl said...

The link works for me... It's the government of Canada, so it's accurate (ish).

And here is a link to Beirut immigration:

It looks like the processing for Lebanon is done in... Damascus.

Anyway, let me know if/when you get serious. This is just the Federal scheme. I was "imported" by my company, but my friends who immigrated recently may be able to find a better route for doing this via various provincial schemes.