Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday events

Exam went reasonably well. Thanks Shlemazl lol. On thursday Paleontology, next monday Zoology and I'm done!

On monday I will go to the beach with the girls, hopefully to have as much fun as we did last year.

After that starts the agonising summer. I never liked summer all that much. I mean I DO like it, it's warm and there are no exams no school no nothing. But then again, this year was disastruous as far as I'm concerned. I have to study all summer, so I won't get the chance to work, so I will be totally broke and relying on my parents and brother to pay my expenses. I hate that. But if I get through the exams and qualify for the forth year and survive it, I'd get my degree, and I'd officially be a biologist. Next year, shht don't tell anyone, but I am planning to explore my chances of leaving Lebanon somehow, it's going to be extra hard, and my reasonable mind is not expecting anything to happen next year. The official plan is to go do that Pedagogy year, after college, and then find a job. But I want to know my chances in order to know what to plan for.

It's going to be Ok Rebecca, breathe, breathe... You're smart, you're beautiful, you're going to survive... Think happy thoughts...Ok now you're drifting too far with your dreams get back to earth!

Will hopefully update the Blog Next tuesday, minshoufkon


shlemazl said...

You are very welcome. You know, as we control the world, there is absolutely nothing that is beyond our power. Just ask.

Pazuzu said...

How about getting a million $ can you handle that?

shlemazl said...

You don't need us for this. Just go to Zimbabwe