Monday, June 05, 2006

Develloping erotica in the UL:

Ever since the first year Biology, going to the bathroom has been a challenge and an adventure. Actually every day in the Lebanese University is an advanture, maybe some other day I will tell you about that... But anyway back to our bathrooms and our erotica.


It was tough finding the bathroom everyday, they were all shitty and smelly, but hey when nature calls, I can't argue. I hate a favorite cabinet in the bathroom. Somewhere around the middle of the year, someone wrote some scribbles on the wall, it was supposedly a girl, talking about her adventure in this bathroom, ahem she says there were her, her boyfriend, and another girl (COME ON, I can hardly fit on my own in that box!).

ANYWAY! The little erotica was mostly about anal sex (because she said she was a virgin or something) and a vaginal intercourse (her friend was no virgin so she can do that).

It was cleaned out by the end of the year


Finding the bathroom was easier, and I found a much cleaner one, but it's usually more crouded, so sometimes I had to go back to the old one... A new piece of art.

It's still being said with a girl as narrator, but the sex included only two individuals, it included sex and oral sex (each one giving and receiving). And both had there orgasm (in the previous year it was just the guy).

It was cleaned out somewhere during the summer.


I master the art of thinding bathroom in my faculty! I found nothing in my favorite cabinet (no I am not complaining). Today my favorite cabinet was occupied (NOW I'm complaining). Tried another one, there it was! Most of it was erased, must've been there for while.

Do I need to mention that the narrator was the girl? But this year it was ONLY about girls. It described masturbating and the guy was just a fantasy accessory. And in the end, it was signed by two girls with a note advising girls to masturbate.

I'll let you know what happens to the text next year...

And they say that this place's not evolving (hehe)... But what's scary is that maybe the change is one sided, and that maybe girls will be more open while guys would remain on there rigid values, which would lead to a social friction. I am certain that the girls will be the ones that will start the change, but will the guys follow or fight them? I have my hopes high on the guys here.


shlemazl said...

I am not sure that the openness of a society can be measured in the fraction of people who masturbate (male or female).

Have you seen the google statsitics for searches for "sex" by countries? Iran, Egypt at al lead the world.

A couple of times someone found my blog by searching for sex with young boys. Both times it was an Iranian source. Iranians sure masturbate a lot, but wouldn't it be nice if they showed other signs of civilization?

On a more serious note, it is the women who change societies. Educated and tolerant mothers pass their values to kids.

Jos said...

I didn't witness such kind of "entertainement" in my UL dirty W.C. :D Times are changing around here.. hehe

Pazuzu said...

well shlemazl all you need to do is to check Jos comment for your answer:P

Anyway, it is really a change, my hopes is that this change would be a sign that women are starting to realise that they don't just have sex to prove to a guy that they love him, but soimply because it feels good.