Thursday, June 08, 2006

I know no one cares but: I AM ANGRY

Where is our freedom of speech? Where is everything we faught for in march 2005? What is this cowardice? Why isn't anyone doing anything about this?

This is IT. I was not disapointed when the political cast, aka the cedar revolution heroes got divided on each other, I knew that was inevitable, I didn't really care, I felt as if I didn't care, if we weren't so fucked up then our leaders wouldn't have been so fucked up, and besides it takes time for us to grow up and learn how to handle our own business.

And besides, I thought to myself, by compairison with the rest of the arab world, Lebanon's an oasis in terms of Liberty...

Yes L I B E R T Y ! Freedom of speech is all part of this. How did this happen?

In which country does a violent riot, against the citizens and against the government result in an apology from the side of the victim?

Am I the only one who feels something is wrong? Why is there NO ONE to defend Khalil in this? They fight about every cat litter in Lebanon, but they all agree to let us down?

That's it I'm officially giving up on these idiots, from now on I will not defend any political view, I will critisize even the size of there shoes. They are officially just as bad as the Syrians. Lebanese never came down to the streets by millions to transfer Tyranny from the Syrians to the Lebanese. We did not kick the Syrians out in order to create our own idiotics' domain.

I leave one chance for the political morons around here, if they, miraculously, manage to make Hezbollah agree on droping its weapons by the End of the Hiwar, I will consider this compromise as worth it. ANything less is unacceptable.


shlemazl said...

Take it easy, will you?

From where I sit it just looks like Hisballah is doing the bidding of their masters in Iran and Syria.

Lebanese people and politicians are scared. I don't blame them. We know exactly what these guys are capable of. One should say whatever it takes to keep the country from a civil war.

Hisballah is an organized and committed force unlike the rest of Lebanon.

With luck, Iran and/or Syria will implode sooner or later. That will be the beginning of the end of Hisballah.

jokerman said...

In any deal struck with Iran & world powers, Hizbullah will be allowed a bit of time to serve some intelligence deeds then it it will be their time to be dismantled like most groups that started& ended.

shlemazl said...

Hey Pazuzu, are u alright?

Just read this article:

and thought of you... What do you think about the article?

Pazuzu said...

will answer you about that next week after reading it :D