Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bla Bla Bla

If I was to evaluate my overall performance this week I'd say: Average

Now the end has caused radical changes in my mood (not exactly surprising) I am feeling very good, and I am starting to accommodate to the fact that I won't work this summer. I am almost enjoying it, I have the chance to relax and read a lot. But then again, my enjoyment is more of like an accommodation to a circumstance that I cannot change, which is a good thing, because this means that I have an adaptive caracter, and that I tend to enjoy whatever is thrown upon me. I'm happy about that, really. I am happy partly because I am ensured that I still hold the capacity to change my surrounding to what I believe is best, despite my terrible problem with taking first steps. But I remember that last year, my exams weren't over as early as they this year, I finished my exams almost at the end of June, which meant that July was just around the corner, and unlike my friends that also planned to find a summer job, I had no offers knocking at my doors. The only possible option was to work in my cousin's boutique, and I wasn't exactly looking forward to working as a salesperson again, it's really not my cup of tea. And unlike the year before that I didn't want to search a lot in job offers in the newspapers specialized in that sector. So I went to the street of jounieh (afterall I live almost at the heart of Jounieh!). The first time I was seeing if anyone had an ad at the door saying: JOB SEEKERS SEEKED HERE or maybe RING, ENTER AND GET PAID or even better BECCA, WHERE WERE YOU? JUST COME AND WORK FOR US

Needless to say that none was so interested in my services. So I knew I'd have to move to plan B: get in and beg for a job... Well not necessarily beg but I like exaggerating, I still had to go in and ask if they had an empty post for me, which is not easy at all (I don't know about you, but it wasn't easy for me). The simple thought of doing that maid me tremble, my muscles would start yelling at me: NO NO PLEAASE.

So for the first couple of times it didn't work. It was just too hard. But when July came closer and closer I was running out of options. So I did it... I came into a good restaurant, I stood up in front of the guy (he was wearing a navy-blue shirt and he looked slightly older than me) and I asked him:

- Would you need any workers here?

I bet snow looked dark when compared to my face when I was uttering those words. Once done it wasn't so bad, it's the anticipation that's the toughest. Anyway the guy couldn't help me, he was just an employee, so he informed the guy in charge. Again:

- Would you need any workers here?

- Um. No. We already employed young people for this summer

The man in charge was nice and smiling, but I I was really uncomfortable, so I smiled and left (I said thanks of course, I am a very polite girl!). I went home after that, I wasn't sure if I was able to redo this stunt again, my muscles were hurting me, and I just needed to sleep, but when you're stressed you can't really sleep. I wasn't even sure if what I had done was right, if it was right to seek a job like that, but I really needed the job and I didn't want to work as a salesperson. Weighting my options again the day after that, I decided that the humiliation was better than working as a salesperson again (I hated it THAT much, eventhough I loved the fact that I was actually working and getting money). Anyway, again Rebecca scouts the streets of her beloved Jounieh searching for her Graal. This time I went to another restaurant and asked the same damn question with the same damn embarrassment!

- Would you need any workers here?

This time the guy was more interested. He asked about my previous experience, my whereabouts, my availability, my home number. I asked about the schedule (that was the only thing I was interested in... Well I was also tempted to ask about the salary but that would have been rude, I thought). He said that he'll talk to his brother (who happens to be his partner, DUH) and he'll call me if needed.

So, you guessed it, it was the less-than-joyful-waiting time. I wasn't sure if I should seek another job meanwhile, or simply wait, but frankly it was too draining to start all over again, so I just thought to myself that I'll wait, if it works it works if not I'll just spend the rest of the summer chatting and surfing the net (I had an internet connection for the wole summer). At july the second I lost hope, I thought to myself: what the hell, it'll be another break.

And then, on July the fifth... I woke up on a call, from my New Boss! And so I was started an epic adventure of Mss Becca in the real world, in which she had bad days and good ones (and bad ones and bad ones and bad ones...) but then when you get paid, you get motivated all over again, that's one of the cool stuff in waitering you get a daily tips' payment!


shlemazl said...

well done!

Pazuzu said...

Yes, but it was pretty difficult, i'm lucky it worked out ok, I don't think I could have handled a failure

shlemazl said...

Oh girl, you really have to stop trying to find a negative side to everything you do. Who cares "what if"?