Monday, June 19, 2006

So how was my week

So Ok here it goes, another week of my (and other people's) life has gone by smooth and rather fast (as far as I'm concerned at least). This week's plan wasn't exactly respected. I didn't go anywhere on tuesday, I did however go to Beirut on Wednesday, I didn't get to ALL the places I planned to go to, and I was disapointed in one of the places (hehe that's why I don't publically announce details about future plans until they come true, the might simply not happen, and when that happens I rather keep everyone in the dark). Anyway, that doesn't mean that Wednesday's day out was so bad, in fact it was pretty good, I went to my Uncles' place, I spent the night there with my elder brother and my Uncles of course, I go to show off my new tan and most of all my new shirt, I really felt pretty and sexy that day, and a few guys on the street seemed to agree with me (Buwahaha yes I'm totally bragging and enjoying it!).

And to avoid forcing people into reading the entries that they are not interested in, here's a plan of this week's entries. There is an entry about the visit to the CCF, and then there were my visit to Aalele, and there's an entry about my thoughts about the first book I borrowed from the CCF: Histoire Des Juifs De France

I only it's only 3 entries but the truth is that I was the whole week running around and wasting my time, so I didn't exactly have enough time to keep people up to date. I just miss surfing through the everyone's blogs.


shlemazl said...

Have fun!

jokerman said...

That books sounds interesting, who's the author?

Pazuzu said...

I don't have the name with me right now jokerman, it's rather long I'll get it next week

Shlemazl, thanks :D