Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why I like Arabs

A few years ago, when the Christian front was repressed by the Lebanese Pro Syrian regime, the only power we had was the power that they don’t really hold on to.

One of those fields was Basketball. You see, in Lebanon, even Sports are sectarian:
- Football’s Muslim
- Basketball’s Christian
Ironically our most prestigious Basketball team was the Sporting (west beirut→Sunnite)

But ANYWAY… the point is that since the end of the 90s the Christians were so fund of Basketball (for political reasons DUH!!). Now that the political liberation resulted in the decline of the Lebanese love for that sport.

People don’t watch it anymore…Unless… It’s against a SYRIAN team. Today was one of those days. And the match was tough. In the 3rd quarter, we had a 5 points advance. A foul was whistled a technical foul on a Syrian Player. The Syrian guy was so pissed off that he started yelling and cursing in the face of the referee and when the latter turned his face away, the player slightly pushed the referee’s shoulder, naturally the referee gave him a disqualifying foul.

Things escaladed from there, it took an army of colleagues to pin him down, they even tore his shirt off. And as usual the Syrian team decided to drop the game and left. LoL beating Arabs is always fun (well at least when it comes to Syrians, Algerians, Gulf teams and Egyptians) once they feel the pressure they are most likely to quit.


Faisal said...

And Egyptians?!

That's not nice.

Pazuzu said...

Hey it's not my fault! I am just listing the (arab) teams that quit on the game when they were under pressure. Of course, the chinese were the worst ever but they are not arabs so that's why I didn't name them.