Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The college election: final episode (I hope)

So elections took place today. I am perfectly pleased. As I had mentioned before I am the representative of Jean (my ex-binôme). In the last couple of days, Jean has disappointed me, and he has shown an amazing capacity to argue with people (aka those who are not bluntly supporting him).

As a result, he didn’t win. You see, he had declared himself as a neutral candidate. And in order to win in a neutral position, you need to prove that you are with everyone not against everyone!

But I said I was pleased didn’t I? Let me explain:

My faculty, is almost an LFPM property. They get almost 90% of the seats. In the Biology and Chemistry departments they are king, they get practically 100% of the seats, sometimes a few Neutrals are included but those are the neutrals that are joined to the LFPM’s list.

Well not this year and not in our class. In the other classes no change was detected. In our class, no only we had 3 lists (LFPM, LF and neutral), but an LF candidate intruded the LFPM list and the result was as following (the names are merely the nicknames they are known in class with):

1- Yoga (LFPM):36 votes
2- Mondo (LFPM): 33 votes
3- Naji (LF):33 votes

4- Karine (LFPM) : 32 votes
5- Marie (LF) :29 votes
6- Jean : 21 votes

As it is clear, Mondo and naji had both 33 votes, in other terms it was a tie between them. And also notice that the results were very close the difference between Jean and Yoga is merely 15 votes! My first source of Satisfaction was the simple fact that our class it won’t be the LFPM playground, there will be diversity.

You would have been more shocked if you would have been inside the room when the votes were counted; there were no respect for lists, people invented there own lists. People stroke names, named others. That’s awesome this means that my colleagues were very cautious. They chose, not based on political segregation, but based on there own view. That’s by far my biggest source of satisfaction today.

The only setback today was the fact that the 2 female candidates were excluded. Especially that the Biology and chemistry departments witness a clear predominance of ladies. This proves to me, yet again, that we the ladies prefer leaving our class for guys. That sucks (even I voted for 2 guys and 1 girl, I only realized that we have lost the war of sexes when I saw that Karine was excluded since Marie’s loss wasn’t a surprise).


Another setback was the violent confrontation between the groups in college, it all happened after my departure (no I am not implying that my absence was the cause behind it, haha). It’s rare to see such problems in my faculty.

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