Monday, May 29, 2006

Some better 7arimi Gazmas

I don't usually post stuff about fashion, it isn't that interesting, and it simply reminds me of all the stuff that I can't really afford. But then, Kareem made his famous "Bloggers' meeting" entry and he kind of hooked me up with a certain Gazma 7arimi group of bloggers, and of course I just HAD to check there blog, it was actualy sweet and all (so OK of all there romantic stuff I only understood one sentence perfectly :وحين تحسسَت ساقيكِ ساقيّ ، وارتعشنا سوياً .)
Hey look, I usually understand poetry, but I didn't get this one, don't you dare call me ... poetrophobic?... Whatever... That was all cool, but what pissed me off was the picture on there background, I mean did you see that?! EW! And the title of the blog is Gazma 7arimi gazma?! gazma?! That's what we, in lebanon, call the boots that workers wear to go to the fields!!!

So dear Mr. Guevara, and very Dear Mr. Pianist,

Please accept my very respectful attempt to give you some better examples to what a woman might wear (if she wants to look stylish), especially when it comes to parties, since afterall the three of us met in the Party organised by the ever famous Mr. Kareem, the truth holder.

very sweet and with a butterfly on the top. Why didn’t you choose this one guys?!

This is sweet too, not as sensual as the first one, but women are most likely to choose this one since it's more comfortable.

And what's so wrong about this simple one?

No comment

This is very feminin and beautiful, it's even shiny

It's high, it's pretty and it's PINK

This one's more of a latin style, but latinas are hot aren't they?

Psst! this is probably the one I'd wear for a party... But Shh! don't tell anyone

Not exactly my style, but I know many women like it

I dare anyone to say this is not sexy

This is a very mature sort of beauty, very stylish too.

Oh! Oh! Should I say anything?

Now this is the ultimate one, it's the one up there or this one.

: A real classic if you ask me, this one’s great for parties, since it’s full of shiny stuff and it covers the toes, so dancing and standing up won’t make your toes look weared and awfully red. But at the same time shows enough skin to be … well… to be what we what we women want.

This one doesn’t look as pretty now as when it is when a foot is filling it.

Just on a side note, I just made a stunning discovery, I thought that maybe looking the "shopping" pages would provide better results than just googling images, I tried the Yahoo! Shopping pages for sandals, and it totally sucked!!! Berk! What's this shit for example:

Mrs. Yogi bear refuses to wear this ugliness!

Let's see if Kareem really frequently checks my blog, or just says that avoid me the pain.


Herlock Sholmes said...

Some of the ones you have a really, really ugly. Others are quite nice. while it has alot to do about the style of the "gazma" it also has alot to do about the shape of the foot filling it.

:) But, ALL of them are better then the original one they had on the web site

jokerman said...

some nice shoes you have put up there, & the ankles filling them too which accentuates the shoe even more.

Leilouta said...
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Leilouta said...

Gazma is not that bad. We call them سباط in Tunisia.
Look at سبابط

shlemazl said...

I kind of like all of them.

High heels stand for the discomfort women are prepared to endure just to ensure that their bum and chest are sticking out prominently.

I'll drink to that any time!

Actually men would walk upside down if that helps them to draw attention of the ladies. It's just that women are not attracted to that kind of thing.

Pazuzu said...

I changed the dimensions of the pictures to avoid having a log post full of pictures, that's why some look weird.


LoL we say "sebbat" to say shoe (in general) most of the times it refers to men shoes. Gazma (we actually say: Jazma), is NOT OK according to the Lebanese snobism.
But if you want to talk about sandals, we just call them... Sandals:P sometime "srméyé" lol but that's not a cool way to talk, and don't ask me about the origin of that word I have no IDEA, it could be Syriac maybe.

Yes, we the ladies are not interested in that Clown-like behavior, we just like black cowboys, on red fonts with there .... ahem..."tails" in a weird position !

Leilouta said...

hahaah yes we say صندال also.
I hate man صندال

Maxxed`ouT said...

those are damn elegant !

Pazuzu said...

leilouta, it's the man feet that's so ugly :P

Thanks maxxed