Friday, April 21, 2006

Why Lebanese has the highest rates of depression in the world!

1- Hezbollah refuses disarm till Israel withdraws from Shebaa farms (note that it isn’t even Shebaa town, it’s just part of town, the farms and it was populated by Syrians after the Syrian occupation).

2- Israel never withdrew from Shebaa because it’s Syrian territory, it’s not there land but hey that’s no problem.

3- The UN never included Shebaa in the Lebanese territory because Israel collided with Syrian forces when it occupied Shebaa therefore Syria must give official papers (maps) to prove that Shebaa farms are lebanese)

4- Syria says it can’t make official maps because Israelis are occupying the land and there fore it would need parachutes! (Man that’s a stupid excuse!!!)

5- Siniora goes to the USA begging the US to pressure Israel to withdraw from Shebaa farms (in exchange of disarming Hezbollah, USA’s sworn enemy).

What’s the American answer? Yes you guessed it right:

6- Israel can’t withdraw from Shebaa because it simply doesn’t have to, Plus, Israel doesn’t trust the Lebanese will disarm Hezbollah after the liberation of Shebaa, especially with the Palestinian militias acting like Sultans here and there.

And don’t get me started with the Palestinians now!(And most of all don't get me started with Hezbollah's hints about aiming to liberate Palestine before they hand over there weapons.)


raed said...

I think the solution for our problem is in "fried bananas"

Pazuzu said...

Oh I'd be able to interact better with that comment if I knew what does fried banana symbolise :D
But thanks for droping by

shlemazl said...


To the information you already provided you could add that

1. The Syrian government does not recognize the independence of Lebanon, Jordan, or Israel de jure, believing them to be properly part of Greater Syria.

2. All maps produced by Syria to date include Shebaa farms as part of Syria.

3. Israel believes that if it were to give up Shebaa Farms another territorial claim would come up as a pretext for not disarming Hesbollah. Let us be honest with oursevles: it isn't going to happen.