Friday, April 21, 2006

So he talks again, and he says nothing, again

So president Lahoud held a press conference yesterday. Which was pretty meaningless as usual. You can read a little about in naharnet The main points were the following:

He rejected the integration of Hezbollah in the Lebanese army
This was the agreement after the Ta’ef agreement, at that time most Lebanese were armed (heavily!!!), now of course that had to change. So the suggestion was that all the militarized forces would hand over there guns and they’d be, in return, integrated to the army. That way the army would represent the Lebanese better and the militants wouldn’t be left jobless, hopeless and “causeless”. The only ones who refused to do so were the Lebanese forces which lead to there banning and the imprisonment of there leader. The ones that were not forced to comply were Hezbollah (because he was said to be liberating the south), the Palestinians (I have no idea what was the excuse for them to keep there arms, it was mainly because there historical enemies, the Christians, were too weak to object and because the national army strong enough to impose the application of that law). So somehow the 1559 did not bring anything new when it demanded that Hezbollah and the Palestinians would be disarmed, it’ part of our institution. But Lahoud however can’t afford that (needless to explain why!). And to give his words more momentum to his words he reminded the 1982 Israeli invasion of Beirut.

He’d prefer to see Aoun as his successor, they come from the same school
I don’t see why does Aoun accept this sort of speech without objection. God is the witness of how the Aounists (FPM members) were the loudest to call for his resignation in march 18, trust me, one of my best friends is a very active Aounist. And now Aoun doesn’t object to being called, from the same school as Lahoud, damn that ought to mean that it’s true… In other terms Aoun will be like Lahoud once president→Why am not feeling so positive about this?

He demanded the release of the four former security officials
They were arrested because Detlev Mehlis stated that all indicates that they were involved in the Hariri’s murder. But Lahoud thinks that there is an intention to keep them in Jail without any accusation, what more accusations does he want? The international court will soon take place and they will face trial. Why doesn’t he defend all the other people that are dying in jails without any trial what so ever? These 4 people have there lives way too easy!

He attacked the Americans and Europeans for boycotting him
They are just pissed off because he defended Lebanon and the Resistance, that’s what he said. You know people I am really looking forward to the day where this guy would actually say:
They’re just jealous of my sexy Body!
That would make more sense.

He’s staying till the term of his mandate
Great I feel so much safer to know that the “land of the morons” (aka our parliament) is keeping its “arch-moron” (Must I explain?!)for almost another year.


the perpetual refugee said...

He always says nothing.
He talks about going after the corrupt. He can start with his own son.
In most countries, the Head of State would put the interests of the country before his own. I wish we were 'most countries'.

Leilouta said...

In most Arab countries, the heads of State put their interests before anybody or anything else. Too bad...

Pazuzu said...

Well in my (personal) opinion, every where politicians (and any human being) puts his own interest before anyone else, I think the problem is with the people choosing what they want, I mean I can't believe we as Lebanese people are accepting such an idiotic President. In "most countries" Presidents respect there people because they are constantly under pressure, we should put more pressure on our leaders instead of letting them ride our backs just for fun.