Friday, April 28, 2006

Hizbullah Children Carrying Fake Rockets Mark Qana Massacre

Two interesting points:

1- What message does Hezbollah send while giving children Katyushas’ to wear over there shoulders (fake or not).

2- Notice the Lebanese flags that the kids are holding, that’s new in the Hezbollah ideology. There flag for instance has no cedar tree or even a red patch (major color of the Lebanese flag), unlike most Lebanese parties. I like the way Hezbollah is evolving to become more Lebanese.


Leilouta said...

"Hizbollah’s Version Of The Club Scouts"

Nomad said...

ben, ça va être votre armée professionnelle ! (lol)

the perpetual refugee said...

Children carrying (fake) rockets. Brainwashed from such a young age. Does this mean that we have yet another generation of brainwashed souls, eulogizing Nasrallah (or who ever else replaces him).

The message is clear. They could have done it in a more civilized manner.

Pazuzu said...

You have to be civilised to present things in a civilised way.