Saturday, April 01, 2006

Evolutionnary value of lebanese politics

The Taxons existing in a particular region are good indicators of its mesology (ecology).

Justification :
When a particular Taxon faces important changes in its mesology, Changes that are profound enough to threaten its existence, the Taxon may react according to one of the following modalities:

1. Adaptation:
This modality does not require any genetic changes from the taxon, it s merely the fruit of a very good adaptability of the taxon, the latter changing its interaction with its mesology but remain the exact same animal.

Total success

2. Evolution:
The Taxon in this case will genetically change, evolve, new species will erupt under the new pressures.

Partial success

3. Migration:
Here the animal will migrate toward another region where the conditions are more convenient.

Partial success

4. Extinction:
The Taxon that cannot or will not get along with the new situation.

Total failure

Illustrative examples organised in a useful table:

Nature of the changePrevious Position  Drastic changeCurrent positionTaxon

Islamic, traditionally opposed to the christian parties Hariri's death Aoun's first ally Hezbollah
Evolution Syriophilic Syriophilic Jumblat
Migration On every TV station in lebanon somewhere in the Syrian Virgin Forests   Nasser Kandil
Extinction     Gebran Tueni

And they say Lebanese politic's useless!

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