Friday, March 31, 2006

aramaic lesson

I was trying to find the origin of my name today; well you see my name can be related to 2 characters. It's either the name of Isaac’s wife or it can be the Lebanese saint “Rafqa” she was declared a saint under the name “Rebecca”. In my case it’s the Saint thingy.
Bottom line is that I couldn’t find my name, lol. However I found some other interesting names:

It is pronounced Odom it's arabic equivalent is Adam and Odom in fact means blood

pronounced Carine it's equivalent in arabic is siham (arrows or something like that)

Pronounced Maryam that's the arabic form for Mary, in aramaic it means the lady of the sea (aw how sweet!)

Pronounced Arzo it's the aramaic equivalent for arz (cedar in english, and in fact Arzo means stable

And finally this word is pronounced Nadine ("na" like in narcotic lol)in aramaic it meant the given one, this name is still used in the lebanon alot! I always thought it was a foreign name.

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Nomad said...

how do you draw Marie-Claude ?