Friday, March 31, 2006

Hayfa Wehbe+HIV+Morocco

So Hayfa Wehbe was not allowed to make a charity concert in Morocco!

2 ideas are particularly interesting:

1. So Arabs are afraid of Mrs. Wehbe, even when she is trying to make a charity concert? When she is trying to spread awareness against aids?
Well let’s face it, if anyone can make a difference in this issue. After all, she is a sex symbol, and most Arab men suffer unusual blood migration (to the south of course), whenever thinking about Mrs. Wehbe. So who’s better to orient people toward safe sex? Think about it:

{(Wehbe→sex)+(Wehbe→safe sex)}=sex→safe sex.

2. Why is Hayfa Wehbe starting to show interest in social issues (breast cancer and HIV)? Usually empty popularity symbols have brief careers. They make huge amounts of money in short periods of times. When they stop shining as they used to, they either sink into depression or try to remake there image, thus drawing a different picture of themselves as they are leaving so that maybe, just maybe the world would remember them for better reasons than there lust for power and money. Does this mean that Hayfa Wehbe is starting to lose her spark?

P.S.: This was the cover for one of her early CDs, what a shame we couldn’t see much flesh we had to wait a little to see the sexy stuff. (I love his woman for showing people around here what a bunch of sexually repressed teenagers they are!)


As junoon pointed out in a comment, it seems that she was finally allowed to go to Morocco, hope so!


junoon said...

well, according to this blog:
she arrived to morocco last tuesday.

Pazuzu said...

great I am pleased

Leilouta said...

I like Rubi better. I think she is hot and تحفونة

Pazuzu said...

LoL I don't know Rubi sounds like a teenager to me