Friday, March 31, 2006

The danger of knowledge

Knowledge can be dangerous people, forget about all the cloning and bioethics, there should be some emotional formation, or some psychological test before being admitted into a biology class.

Whenever a guy’s seducing a girl and offering her the sweetest and purest flower, do any of them think that gift is in fact the genitals of an organism that’s fucking itself?
And the worst thing ever is that the lady, that’s receiving the flower, and to show her appreciation to the guy’s present, smells sensually the flower.

Considering the fact that the flower is both the male and female genitals, I wonder if this qualifies for felatio or cunninlingus?

In fact, a colleague of mine, in the botany lab work, is taking this whole think too seriously. The guy’s developing a sort of phobia that there is some liquid pouring out of the flowers he’s trying to identify. I mean the first time this happened it wasn’t a surprise, since it had been raining that day, but the second time it was absurd. I suppose we are partially to be blamed because we kind of implanted in his head that it’s normal to have fluids coming out, since he is manipulating genitals, now he can’t stop thinking that it looks like sperm!

I just love that guy!

The flower above is one of my favorites. It’s called Anagalis arvensis and it’s very abundant. It’s a very small flower, less than 1cm. it grows everywhere, mostly in cities. It’s so small that you pass by it without noticing.

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