Monday, September 13, 2010

I need to get this out of my system!

So a couple of days ago, Pastor Jones declared he won't be burning the Quran anymore (I guess he's expecting a medal now for being a bit less lame then he was 2 weeks ago?).

And of course, people are easier to get offended then they are to move on, or to understand. I remember when 9/11 happened, without going into boring details, what struck me back then is how letters of condemnations from various Islamic references were just not enough to convince people that, it just was not a Muslim thing.

Yes there is frustration, yes it's painful, and yes there were people celebrating, but a religion simply cannot be reduced to the action of some believers.

So in addition to frustration I felt when I saw so many people so violently opposed to the Cordoba mosque, I was so perplexed by this Terry Jones insisting to burn the Quran.

And I remember my mom, when she was briefing me about what's going on around in her world, she asked me about this Jones idiot (yes she called him an idiot), she was like "Why? Why would he do such a thing? If he doesn't like Muslims, why doesn't he just avoid them? Even we didn't do that in Lebanon."

By that she was referring to the civil sectarian war(s) in Lebanon, where the whole country kept splitting in sectarian groups and subgroups and more or less randomly killing people based on their religious/political affiliation. Now during the civil war, places of worship were targeted. If you go to towns strongly affected by the war, you can still find mosques or churches that were brought down.

But what my mother means is that it was never anyone's objective to attack places of worship, the exact "objectives" of the war are debatable, but that's a whole other conversation.

So Terry Jones is just stupid and lame. But then again he had a strong argument: I'm free to do whatever the fuck I want!

This whole situation reminds too much of the Danish cartoons issue, back then a lot was said about how disgraceful and hurtful and how it should be banned. I thought it was stupid and disrespectful, but then again, so are most people/things.

Most of the time, whenever people meet, they build their social bond over ridiculing/disrespecting others, if not each other ya3ne. Why should religious books/figures be exempted?

And by this I am not saying that I would want to participate in such acts, I try to respect everyone/thing (it doesn't always work, but I'll keep trying till I get there). What I'm saying instead is that, we should understand the limits of our authority on others. When an idiot insults me on the street, I don't burn his street, or anyone that shares anything with him. It is my right to be respected, but if he doesn't, this will not justify any act of hatred toward any group.

I say this specifically because when the Danish cartoons issue broke out, Muslim zealots attacked not only embassies, but also churches and Christian citizens. Why? If a Danish cartoonist bothered you, go sort it out with him, not me (and I say me because after all my papers clearly say I am a member of a minority group in the Middle East).

I also say this because the reactions in my part of the world to Jones' stunt were terrifying. Even though Christians condemned his act, and even when Jones declared he doesn't feel like burning holly books anymore. People in the so-called Muslim world voiced their opinion that they believe the problem is that we are not "scaring" the West and that's why they dominate us this way (that is just an example of what people are saying).

Two people were killed already in Afghanistan just to avenge the Quran (even though it was not burnt). And honestly, I didn't want to talk about religious people's concerns, I don't have the energy to make sense out of what they say/think, it's like analyzing the reason why we have 5 fingers instead of 6.

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