Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ah the average Religious bigots...

I always thought ultra religious were freaky, even when I was a religious person. Back then, I felt I was freaky too. Anyway, let's not go there, just check out this series of photos taken by Activetills of a bunch of (freaky) ultra-orthodox Jews protesting the opening of a parking lot in Jerusalem.

It's insane how all religious bigots are the same. In fact, religious bigots are just like any other breed if intolerant, insecure, phallocentric individuals. They are childish (that is why they always like to brainwash their kids and take them to protests), they love to throw rocks and make weird grimace in front of photographers, they make a point out of dressing in a very very very specific way that resists change as decades pass by and they never have a tan (well if their skin is tannable of course) and they are almost always men (sometimes they remember the amazing advantage of having vaginas with them but they always make sure to discipline those things first).

And oh! I forgot something, they are always right! I mean look at these people they are protesting the opening of a parking lot on a shabat...

Euh, isn't protesting on a shabat wrong?
   No, it is not, because they protested on a saturday and they are always right.
Euh, aren't they imposing their own beliefs on others?
   No, it is their will and therefore it is righteous, now stop arguing and demonstrate.

It's amusing to see it happen in another country of course, but I think of some example closer to home and I am suddenly scared, you know what i mean?


shlemazl said...

Wouldn't it be nice to send all of these fanatics along with Hamas, hezbollah et al to some far away iseland so that all the normal people can live in peace?

Pazuzu said...

in that case what would I blog about?:D