Friday, June 12, 2009

#11commandment - And you thought Twitter doesn't have games

The rules are simple, you know the 10 commandments that God gave to Moses? You know, like a "Believing for Dummies" Kinda guide...

So if you were God (after all you are the god of your twitter) what 11th commandment would you add? It can be lame like this one:

TheAvenged RT @RubyGold: thou shalt not tweet everything #11thcommandment

Or funny, like this one:
scarletlips #11thcommandment ~ thou shall never nude run to get a towel when the balcony door's wide open.

It can be relevant to the first 10 commandments:
JeanineHowton RT @joewhite89 #11thCommandment : Thou shalt ignore the first ten.

Or totally irrelevant:
#11thcommandment Thou shalt never use swiss cheese to make nachos.

Let's play :D

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